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2007A 3D finite element simulation of foot-shoe interfaceCheung, JTM; Bouchet, B; Zhang, M ; Nigg, B
20103D finite element study of transient electromagnetic forces acting on the stator end-windings of a large turbo-generatorZhang, J; Yang, S; Ho, SL ; Yao, Y
20153D flexible, conductive and wearable fabric strain sensorsLi, JF; Xu, B ; Tao, X ; Hu, H 
20143D foot prediction method for low cost scanningMa, X; Luximon, A 
20103D foot scan to custom shoe lastRout, N; Zhang, YF; Khandual, A; Luximon, A 
20103D foot scan to custom shoe lastRout, N; Zhang, YF; Khandual, A; Luximon, A 
20053D foot shape generation from 2D informationLuximon, A; Goonetilleke, RS; Zhang, M 
20143D functional footLuximon, A ; Ganesan, B; Zhao, K; Chan, LK
20043D head model classification by evolutionary optimization of the Extended Gaussian Image representationWong, HS; Cheung, KKT; Ip, HHS
20093D human body scan data segmentation and applicationGao, CY; Liu, N
20013D image reconstruction of single camera body scannerNg, R ; Gu, HB; Yu, W 
2000A 3D image smoothing method for dynamic functional imagingCai, W; Feng, D; Fulton, R
20063D integral modeling for city surface & subsurfaceWang, Y; Wu, L; Shi, WZ ; Li, X
20013D layered-integrated modelling of mass exchange in semi-enclosed water bodiesLi, CW ; Gu, J
20043D measurement of body tissues based on 3D ultrasound images with spatial informationHuang, QH; Zheng, YP 
20123D microstructure construction and modeling of solid oxide fuel cell infiltrated electrodesZhang, YX; Sun, Q; Xia, CR; Ni, M 
2014A 3D model on tree root system using ground penetrating radarCheng, NF; Tang, HWC ; Ding, XL 
20113D model retrieval approach by using fuzzy shape distributionsZou, KS; Ip, WH ; Wu, CH; Chan, CY ; Yung, KL ; Chen, ZQ
20113D model retrieval based on fuzzy weighted shape distributionsChen, ZQ; Zou, KS; Ip, WH ; Chan, CY
20113D model retrieval method by using fractal D2 distributionZou, KS; Chen, ZQ; Ip, WH 
20103D modelling of hydrodynamics and mixing in a vegetation field under wavesLi, CW ; Zhang, ML
20143D multi-sensor water vapor tomographic modeling in Hong Kong and its performance evaluationLiu, Z ; Chen, B; Woo, WC; Chan, PW; Wong, WK
20103D neurological image retrieval with localized pathology-centric CMRGlc patternsCai, W; Liu, S; Wen, L; Eberl, S; Fulham, M; Feng, D
2010A 3D non-linear k-epsilon turbulent model for prediction of flow and mass transport in channel with vegetationZhang, ML; Li, CW ; Shen, YM
2010A 3D numerical model for a flexible fiber motion in compressible swirling airflowGuo, HF; Xu, BG 
Jan-20013D numerical model for Pearl River estuaryChau, KW ; Jiang, YW
20083d numerical modeling of flow distributions in channel crossingsLi, CW ; Zeng, C
20093D Numerical modelling of flow divisions at open channel junctions with or without vegetationLi, CW ; Zeng, C
20153D numerical simulation analysis of passive drag near free surface in swimmingZhan, JM; Li, TZ; Chen, XB; Li, YS ; Wai, WHO 
20013D numerical simulation of ambient discharge of buoyant waterMa, FX; Li, CW 
20013D numerical simulation of deposition patterns due to sand disposal in flowing waterLi, CW ; Ma, FX
20133D printing of microstructures in hydrogels for tissue engineeringZhang, AP ; Qu, X; Soman, P; Chen, S
2016A 3D printing path optimizer based on Christofides algorithmFok, KY; Ganganath, N; Cheng, CT ; Tse, CK 
20053D profiling of cloth appearances based on stereo vision methodXin, BJ; Hu, JL 
20143D quantitative, elastoplastic phase-field model for microstructure evolution during hydride precipitation in zirconium under stress and temperature gradientsShi, SQ 
20033D reconstruction of single pictureTing, Z; Feng, D; Zheng, T
2003A 3D rigid-finite-element-nased method for slope stability analysisChen, J; Yin, JH ; Lee, CF
20103D shape and pose estimation of face images using the nonlinear least-squares modelSun, ZL; Lam, KM 
2009A 3D skeletal muscle model coupled with active contraction of muscle fibres and hyperelastic behaviourTang, CY ; Zhang, G; Tsui, CP 
20003D skirt simulationHu, J 
20143D soft-tissue tracking using spatial-color joint probability distribution and thin-plate spline modelYang, B; Wong, WK ; Liu, C; Poignet, P
20113D surface displacement from multi-sensor, multi-track and multi-temporal interferogramsHu, J; Ding, XL ; Li, ZW; Zhu, JJ; Sun, Q; Zhang, L; Omura, M
20053D terrain visualization based on ArcGIS and ERDAS IMAGINEXu, Z; Chen, X; Li, Y 
20073D tunable hexagonal photonic crystal in the ultraviolet rangeSun, X; Tao, X 
20063D ultrasound measurement of musculoskeletal tissues without the need of volume reconstructionZheng, YP ; Huang, QH
20043D urban building modeling based on high resolution satellite imagesShi, W ; Cao, H; Zhang, J
20013D visualization and information interaction in biomedical applicationsPu, F; Fan, YB; Jiang, WT; Zhang, M ; Mak, AFT; Chen, JK
20103D visualization for tunnel boring machine steering and alignment control in microtunnelingLiang, X; Lu, M
20123D-FlashMap : a physical-location-aware block mapping strategy for 3D NAND flash memoryWang, YI; Bathen, LAD; Shao, Z ; Dutt, N
20113D-patterned polymer brush surfacesZhou, X; Liu, X; Xie, Z; Zheng, Z 
20043PL : experiences from China resources logistics (Hong Kong)Gunasekaran, A; Ngai, EWT 
20083rd Dr. Supot Angkaew Honorary lecture : radiography education and training in 2020Law, YY
20144,5-Di-substituted benzyl-imidazol-2-substituted amines as the structure template for the design and synthesis of reversal agents against P-gp-mediated multidrug resistance breast cancer cellsZhang, N; Zhang, ZH; Wong, ILK; Wan, SB; Chow, LMC ; Jiang, T
2007A 4-dimensional coastal geographical information management system for Pearl River Estuary, ChinaWai, OWH ; Chen, B; Chen, X
2005A 4-week home-based rehabilitation program improved motor recovery in spastic hemiplegia : a randomised, placebo-controlled studyNg, SSM; Hui-Chan, CWY
200840 Gb/s all optical clock recovery based on an optical parametric oscillator with photonic crystal fiberLui, LFK; Zhang, A; Wai, PKA ; Tam, HY ; Demokan, MS
201540 Gb/s CAP32 short reach transmission over 80 km single mode fiberGao, YL; Zhuge, QB; Wang, W; Xu, X; Buset, JM; Qiu, M; Morsy-Osman, M; Chagnon, M; Li, F; Wang, L; Lu, C ; Lau, APT ; Plant, DV
201340 Gb/s CAP32 system with DD-LMS equalizer for short reach optical transmissionsTao, L; Wang, Y; Gao, Y; Lau, APT; Chi, N; Lu, C 
200840 Gb/s optical clock recovery based on an optical parametric oscillator with photonic crystal fiberLui, LFK; Zhang, A; Wai, PKA ; Tam, HY ; Demokan, MS
200740 GHz actively mode-locked erbium-doped fiber ring laser using an electro-absorption modulator and a linear optical amplifierXu, L; Lui, LFK; Wai, PKA ; Tam, HY ; Lu, C 
200740 GHz all-optical clock recovery using cross-absorption in an electro-absorption modulator inside a fiber ring laserLui, LFK; Xu, L; Lee, CC; Wai, PKA ; Lu, C ; Tam, HY 
200740 GHz all-optical clock recovery using cross-absorption in an electro-absorption modulator inside a fiber ring laserLui, LFK; Xu, L; Lee, CC; Wai, PKA ; Lu, C ; Tam, HY 
2015A 4D automatic simulation tool for construction resource planning : a case studyLi, H ; Chan, G; Skitmore, M; Huang, T
Aug-20054D dynamic construction management and visualization software : 1. DevelopmentChau, KW ; Anson, M; Zhang, JP
Aug-20054D dynamic construction management and visualization software : 2. site trialChau, KW ; Anson, M; De Saram, DD
Sep-20044D dynamic management for construction planning and resource utilizationWang, HJ; Zhang, JP; Chau, KW ; Anson, M
20105-(Dimethylamino)-N-(4-ethynylphenyl)-1-naphthalenesulfonamide as a novel bifunctional antitumor agent and two-photon induced bio-imaging probeChui, CH; Wang, Q; Chow, WC; Yuen, MCW; Wong, KL; Kwok, WM ; Cheng, GYM; Wong, RSM; Tong, SW; Chan, KW; Lau, FY; Lai, PBS; Lam, KH; Fabbri, E; Tao, XM ; Gambari, R; Wong, WY
20055-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) and ALA-x mediated photodynamic therapy on nasopharyneal carcinoma (NPC) cellsYow, CMN; Wu, RWK; Wong, CK; Chen, JY; Chu, ESM
20115-aminolevulinic acid hexyl ester (H-ALA)-PDT induces cell cycle arrest in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells (c666-1)Wu, RWK; Chu, ESM; Lo, KW; Yow, CMN
20135-Fluorouracil-loaded poly-l-lactide fibrous membrane for the prevention of intestinal stent restenosisLi, G; Chen, Y; Cai, Z; Li, J; Wu, X; He, X; Zhao, Z; Lan, P; Li, Y 
2013A 5-fluorouracil-loaded polydioxanone weft-knitted stent for the treatment of colorectal cancerLi, G; Chen, Y; Hu, J; Wu, X; Hu, J; He, X; Li, J; Zhao, Z; Chen, Z; Li, Y; Hu, H ; Li, Y ; Lan, P
20085-N-methylated quindoline derivatives as telomeric G-quadruplex stabilizing ligands : effects of 5-N positive charge on quadruplex binding affinity and cell proliferationLu, YJ; Ou, TM; Tan, JH; Hou, JQ; Shao, WY; Peng, D; Sun, N; Wang, XD; Wu, WB; Bu, XZ; Huang, ZS; Ma, DL; Wong, KY ; Gu, LQ
20105-repetition sit-to-stand test in subjects with chronic stroke : reliability and validityMong, Y; Teo, TW; Ng, SS
2015A 5-week whole body vibration training improves peak torque performance but has no effect on stretch reflex in healthy adults : a randomized controlled trialYeung, SS ; Yeung, EW 
20135. what do we do now? Implications for the clinical practiceDepaolis, M; Cho, P ; Cunningham, D; Morgan, PB; Quinn, TG; Saks, AP; Shovlin, JP
201255MHz broadband focusing ultrasonic transducer based on dimpled LiNbO3 plate with inversion layerChen, J; Dai, JY ; Zhang, C; Zhang, ZT; Feng, GP
200956例穏定期COPD患者6分鐘步行測驗結果及相關因素分析趙娟娟; 王少玲; 黃金月 ; 周家儀 ; 曾小紅
2009The 5th international workshop on security in systems and networksXiao, B 
20115·12地震后伤残学生的需求分析Qi, HD; Shen, WW 
2007A 6-month follow-up of the effects of an information and communication technology (ICT) training programme on people with intellectual disabilitiesLi-Tsang, CWP ; Lee, MYF; Yeung, SSS; Siu, AMH ; Lam, CS