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2003Analysis of Ling Zhi (Ganoderma lucidum) using dynamic reaction cell ICP-MS and ICP-AESChan, YY; Lo, SCL 
2012An analysis of low-latitude ionospheric scintillation and its effects on precise point positioningXu, R; Liu, Z ; Li, M; Yu, M; Chen, W 
2014Analysis of low-speed magnetic flux modulated doubly-fed brushless generator with different types of fractional-slot windingsLiu, HJ; Hao, Y; Wang, J; Fu, W 
2006Analysis of magnetic field in an axial-flux permanent-magnet synchronous generator using an analytical methodChan, TF; Xie, S; Lai, LL
2013An analysis of maintenance demand, manpower, and performance of hotel engineering facilitiesLai, JHK 
2014Analysis of materials selected for multilayer diffractive optical elementsXue, C; To, S 
2015Analysis of membrane fouling with porous membrane filters by microbial suspensions for autotrophic nitrogen transformationsAslam, M; Lee, PH ; Kim, J
2014An analysis of metaphor hedging in psychotherapeutic talkTay, D 
2013An analysis of micro-blog marketing based on a latent dirichlet allocation modelGuo, S; Leung, D; Law, R 
2003Analysis of microclimate at tissue support interface - a pilot study on three different wheelchair cushionsPang, WK; Tam, E 
2015Analysis of Mode II debonding behavior of fiber-reinforced polymer-to-substrate bonded joints subjected to combined thermal and mechanical loadingGao, WY; Dai, JG ; Teng, JG 
2012Analysis of multivariate recurrent event data with time-dependent covariates and informative censoringZhao, X ; Liu, L; Liu, Y; Xu, W
2008Analysis of near ground surface strong wind characteristics : a comparison studyChen, J; Wu, M; Xu, YL 
2010Analysis of needlestick injuries among nursing students in Hong KongCheung, K ; Ho, SC; Ching, SSY ; Chang, KKP 
2009Analysis of newspapers travelers' tales to help students learn tourism motivationsPan, S
2009Analysis of Nordex N43/600 wind turbineLi, D; Che, Y; Cheng, KWE 
2014An analysis of online reviews on technology applications : a case of hotel ICONTong, K; Lee, A; Tse, T ; Law, R 
2014Analysis of orientation and tensor properties of airborne fibrous particle flowSun, K; Lu, L ; Jiang, Y
2004Analysis of parking choice : an activity-based approachLi, ZC; Lam, WHK ; Huang, HJ; Wong, SC; Tam, ML
2003Analysis of partial soft-switching converter for switched reluctance motor drive achieved by active-clamp topologyYeung, YPB; Cheng, KWE ; Xue, XD; Sutanto, D; Ho, SL 
2004Analysis of pavement residue properties under moisture induced attack at Tuen Mun highway, Hong KongHung, WT ; Wong, WG; Tang, SV
2004Analysis of performance of noncoherent DCSK communication systems over a multipath rayleigh fading channel with delay spreadXia, Y; Tse, CK ; Lau, FCM 
2004Analysis of periodic structures using ADI FDTD methodTam, WY 
2004Analysis of photosensitivity of copolymer optical fibre preformMa, H; Li, ZC; Ming, H; Zhang, QJ; Tam, HY ; Zhang, YS; Zhang, T; Wang, P; Xie, JP
Oct-2008Analysis of postponement strategy by EPQ-based models with planned backordersLi, J; Wang, S; Cheng, TCE 
May-2007Analysis of postponement strategy for perishable items by EOQ-based modelsLi, J; Cheng, TCE ; Wang, S
2014An analysis of potential applications of wide-scale solar energy in Hong KongLi, DHW; Chong, BLP; Chan, WWH ; Lam, JC
2004Analysis of power transfer limit under dynamic security constraintsChung, TS; Cui, K; Fang, DZ; Chung, CY 
2003The analysis of pre-tender building price forecasting performance : a case studySkitmore, M; Drew, D
2000An analysis of preferred candidates and graduates for geomatics educationPun-Cheng, LSC 
19-Jan-2013Analysis of prevalence of PTSD and its influencing factors among college students after the Wenchuan earthquakeFu, Y; Chen, Y; Wang, J; Tang, X; Ho, KW ; Jiao, M; Yu, C; You, G; Li, J
2010Analysis of process parameters of laser structuring with Taguchi methodYung, KC ; Zhang, B
2002An analysis of project partnering in Hong KongChan, APC ; Chan, DWM ; Ho, KSK; Chiang, YH ; Chan, EHW ; Tang, B
2006An analysis of prolific authorsMckercher, B 
2008An analysis of publications in leading tourism journals and its implications on China tourism researchLaw, R ; Cheung, P
2012An analysis of publications in the journal of China tourism researchLaw, R ; Leung, D; Lee, HA
2012Analysis of pulse waveforms preprocessingWang, D; Zhang, D 
2001Analysis of pulse-activating powder using TLCTo, ML; Chau, FT
2014Analysis of quantum linear systems' response to multi-photon statesZhang, G
2005Analysis of radiation heat transfer in an enclosure fire including the effect of scatteringYuen, WW; Chow, WK 
2014An analysis of radicals-based features in subjectivity classification on simplified Chinese sentencesXu, G; Huang, CR 
2014Analysis of rain-wind induced cable vibration using spatially measured aerodynamic coefficientsLi, Y; Xu, Y ; Xiang, H; Chen, B; Shum, K; Liao, H
2007Analysis of reactive power support of generators using power flow tracing methodsWu, H; Yu, CW; Xu, N; Lin, XJ; Chen, WH
2011An analysis of research on tourism information techonology : the case of ENTERLiu, W; Zhong, L; Ip, C; Leung, D
1999An analysis of risk management in cost planning and its effect on efficiency in capital cost budgetingPicken, DH; Mak, S; Chen, SE
2005Analysis of risks perceived in reformed electricity supply industryNgan, HW ; Wang, J; Engriwan, W
2007Analysis of roadside air quality trends on Hong Kong IslandLau, J; Hung, WT ; Cheung, CS 
2002Analysis of seasonal and inter-annual variations in the position of permanent GPS tracking stationsDing, XL ; Zheng, DW; Chen, YQ ; Huang, C; Chen, W 
Jan-2013Analysis of selection criteria for design-builders through the analysis of requests for proposalXia, B; Chan, APC ; Zuo, J; Molenaar, K
2009Analysis of semantic heterogeneity using a new ontological structure based on description logicsWang, HW; Liu, JNK
2004An analysis of shoppers' walking behaviour by using GISPun-Cheng, LSC ; Chu, AWC 
2014Analysis of short-circuit current of split-winding transformer with stabilizing windingLi, L; Fu, WN ; Li, Y
28-Feb-2011Analysis of signed chromatic dispersion monitoring by waveform asymmetry for differentially-coherent phase-modulated systemsLau, APT ; Li, Z; Khan, FN; Lu, C ; Wai, PKA 
2011Analysis of single-symbol detectable space-time block codes with COD and GCIODWei, YR; Wang, M
2014Analysis of size effect on flow-induced defect in micro-scaled forming processWang, JL; Fu, MW ; Ran, JQ
2013Analysis of spatial distribution pattern of change-detection error caused by misregistrationShi, W ; Hao, M
2007Analysis of storm water runoff impact on water quality of Dishui Lake in Harbour town, ShanghaiWu, CL; Chau, KW 
2002Analysis of structural acoustic coupling of a cylindrical shell with an internal floor partitionLi, DS; Cheng, L ; Gosselin, CM
2006Analysis of structural health monitoring data from the suspension Jiangyin BridgeZhou, HF; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM 
2010Analysis of surface generation in the ultraprecision polishing of freeform surfacesCheung, CF ; Ho, LT; Charlton, P; Kong, LB; To, S ; Lee, WB 
2010Analysis of surface generation in ultra-precision machining with a fast tool servoKwok, TC; Cheung, CF ; Kong, LB; To, S ; Lee, WB 
1994Analysis of switching dc-dc converters using a grid-point approachLeung, FHF ; Tam, PKS; Kwok, DP; Cheung, CY
2012Analysis of TDMA crossbar real-time switch design for AFDX networksRao, L; Wang, Q ; Liu, X; Wang, Y
2006Analysis of telephone network traffic based on a complex user networkXia, Y; Tse, CK ; Lau, FCM ; Tam, WM; Small, M
2003Analysis of terrain elevation effects on Ikonos imagery rectification accuracy by using non-rigorous modelsShi, W ; Shaker, A
2007An analysis of textual dynamics in cargoChan, WS; Tai, SK; Yip, TL ; Cheng, SK
2014Analysis of the anti-corruption strategies in the construction sector of ChinaShan, M; Chan, APC ; Le, Y; Hu, Y
2003An analysis of the anti-psychiatric halfway house movement in Hong KongYip, KS 
2015An analysis of the association of target motion with target size, location and Child-Pugh score in SBRT of liver cancerLo, K; Wu, VWC 
2003Analysis of the bending behaviour of the lumbar spine during posteroanterior mobilisationLee, RYW; Tsung, BYS; Evans, J; Tong, P
2009An analysis of the best online rates for hotels in ChinaHui, S; Law, R ; Ye, Q
2013Analysis of the characteristic of the kalman gain for 1-d chaotic maps in cubature kalman filterWang, S; Feng, J; Tse, CK 
2001An analysis of the competitive strategies of hotels and travel agents in Hong Kong and SingaporeWong, K; Kwan, C
2005Analysis of the component characteristics of air-cooled chillers for modelling floating condensing temperature controlChan, KT ; Yu, FW
2015An Analysis of the Concept of Partnership in the Couples Undergoing Infertility TreatmentYing, LY; Loke, AY 
1998Analysis of the convergence and divergence of a constrained anti-hebbian learning algorithmChoy, CST; Siu, WC 
2011Analysis of the crust deformations before and after the 2008 Wenchuan Ms8.0 earthquake based on GPS measurementsWu, J; Liu, R; Chen, YQ ; Tang, HWC ; Meng, G; Dang, Y
2013Analysis of the determinants of consumers' m-commerce usage activitiesChan, FTS ; Chong, AYL
2004An analysis of the development of NGOs in Hong Kong in time of welfare reformChan, KT 
2010An analysis of the discharge mechanism in electrochemical discharge machining of particulate reinforced metal matrix compositesLiu, JW; Yue, TM ; Guo, ZN