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2007Analysis of impact effects of moving vehicles on a continuous bridgeBu, J; Lou, G; Law, S
Mar-2001Analysis of indirect temperature-rise tests of induction machines using time stepping finite element methodHo, SL ; Fu, W 
1999Analysis of indirect temperature-rise tests of induction machines using time stepping finite element methodHo, SL ; Fu, WN 
2014Analysis of industrial value chains for biomedical textile industry technology roadmapLi, SN; Li, Y ; Li, MW
2015An analysis of industry forces, strategic implementation, and performance : evidence from state-owned hotels in ChinaLaw, VT; Tavitiyaman, P; Zhang, HQ 
2005An analysis of information technology publications in leading hospitality journalsLeung, R; Law, R 
2006An analysis of institutional and individual contributions to tourism research in ChinaHuang, S; Hsu, C 
2005An analysis of institutional contributors to three major academic tourism journals : 1992-2001Jogaratnam, G; Chon, K ; McCleary, K; Mena, M; Yoo, J
2011Analysis of internal stresses induced by strain recovery in a single SMA fiber-matrix compositeWang, Y; Zhou, L ; Wang, Z; Huang, H ; Ye, L
2007Analysis of interruptible electric power in deregulated power systemsYu, CW; Zhang, SH; Wang, L; Chung, TS
2010An analysis of iriscodeKong, AWK; Zhang, D ; Kamel, MS
2008Analysis of keratin fibre damage under various surface treatment conditionsCheng, SY; Yuen, CWM; Kan, CW ; Cheuk, KKL 
2007Analysis of keratin fibre damagesCheng, SY; Yuen, CWM; Kan, CW ; Cheuk, KKL ; Tang, JCO 
20-Jan-2010Analysis of Kerr effect in resonator fiber optic gyros with triangular wave phase modulationYing, D; Demokan, S; Zhang, X; Jin, W 
2004Analysis of key equations in a two-layer zone model and application with symbolic mathematics in fire safety engineeringChow, WK ; Meng, L
2004Analysis of land use policy and patterns : Hong KongHui, CM 
2002Analysis of land use policy and patterns : the case of Hong KongHui, ECM ; Ho, VSM
2002Analysis of laser gas nitrided titanium by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopyMan, HC ; Cui, ZD; Yang, XJ
2011Analysis of LiDAR’s ability in wetland investigation - a case study in Yellow River DeltaDing, Q; Chen, W ; King, B 
2006Analysis of lightning transients in a DC traction power system of electrified railway using EMTPZhou, QB; Du, Y 
2006Analysis of lightning-induced impulse magnetic fields in the building with an insulated down conductorDu, YP ; Zhou, QB
2003Analysis of Ling Zhi (Ganoderma lucidum) using dynamic reaction cell ICP-MS and ICP-AESChan, YY; Lo, SCL 
2012An analysis of low-latitude ionospheric scintillation and its effects on precise point positioningXu, R; Liu, Z ; Li, M; Yu, M; Chen, W 
2014Analysis of low-speed magnetic flux modulated doubly-fed brushless generator with different types of fractional-slot windingsLiu, HJ; Hao, Y; Wang, J; Fu, W 
2006Analysis of magnetic field in an axial-flux permanent-magnet synchronous generator using an analytical methodChan, TF; Xie, S; Lai, LL
2013An analysis of maintenance demand, manpower, and performance of hotel engineering facilitiesLai, JHK 
2014Analysis of materials selected for multilayer diffractive optical elementsXue, C; To, S 
2015Analysis of membrane fouling with porous membrane filters by microbial suspensions for autotrophic nitrogen transformationsAslam, M; Lee, PH ; Kim, J
2014An analysis of metaphor hedging in psychotherapeutic talkTay, D 
2013An analysis of micro-blog marketing based on a latent dirichlet allocation modelGuo, S; Leung, D; Law, R 
2003Analysis of microclimate at tissue support interface - a pilot study on three different wheelchair cushionsPang, WK; Tam, E 
2015Analysis of Mode II debonding behavior of fiber-reinforced polymer-to-substrate bonded joints subjected to combined thermal and mechanical loadingGao, WY; Dai, JG ; Teng, JG 
2012Analysis of multivariate recurrent event data with time-dependent covariates and informative censoringZhao, X ; Liu, L; Liu, Y; Xu, W
2008Analysis of near ground surface strong wind characteristics : a comparison studyChen, J; Wu, M; Xu, YL 
2010Analysis of needlestick injuries among nursing students in Hong KongCheung, K ; Ho, SC; Ching, SSY ; Chang, KKP 
2009Analysis of newspapers travelers' tales to help students learn tourism motivationsPan, S
2009Analysis of Nordex N43/600 wind turbineLi, D; Che, Y; Cheng, KWE 
2014An analysis of online reviews on technology applications : a case of hotel ICONTong, K; Lee, A; Tse, T ; Law, R 
2014Analysis of orientation and tensor properties of airborne fibrous particle flowSun, K; Lu, L ; Jiang, Y
2004Analysis of parking choice : an activity-based approachLi, ZC; Lam, WHK ; Huang, HJ; Wong, SC; Tam, ML
2003Analysis of partial soft-switching converter for switched reluctance motor drive achieved by active-clamp topologyYeung, YPB; Cheng, KWE ; Xue, XD; Sutanto, D; Ho, SL 
2004Analysis of pavement residue properties under moisture induced attack at Tuen Mun highway, Hong KongHung, WT ; Wong, WG; Tang, SV
2004Analysis of performance of noncoherent DCSK communication systems over a multipath rayleigh fading channel with delay spreadXia, Y; Tse, CK ; Lau, FCM 
2004Analysis of periodic structures using ADI FDTD methodTam, WY 
2004Analysis of photosensitivity of copolymer optical fibre preformMa, H; Li, ZC; Ming, H; Zhang, QJ; Tam, HY ; Zhang, YS; Zhang, T; Wang, P; Xie, JP
Oct-2008Analysis of postponement strategy by EPQ-based models with planned backordersLi, J; Wang, S; Cheng, TCE 
May-2007Analysis of postponement strategy for perishable items by EOQ-based modelsLi, J; Cheng, TCE ; Wang, S
2014An analysis of potential applications of wide-scale solar energy in Hong KongLi, DHW; Chong, BLP; Chan, WWH ; Lam, JC
2004Analysis of power transfer limit under dynamic security constraintsChung, TS; Cui, K; Fang, DZ; Chung, CY 
2003The analysis of pre-tender building price forecasting performance : a case studySkitmore, M; Drew, D
2000An analysis of preferred candidates and graduates for geomatics educationPun-Cheng, LSC 
19-Jan-2013Analysis of prevalence of PTSD and its influencing factors among college students after the Wenchuan earthquakeFu, Y; Chen, Y; Wang, J; Tang, X; Ho, KW ; Jiao, M; Yu, C; You, G; Li, J
2010Analysis of process parameters of laser structuring with Taguchi methodYung, KC ; Zhang, B
2002An analysis of project partnering in Hong KongChan, APC ; Chan, DWM ; Ho, KSK; Chiang, YH ; Chan, EHW ; Tang, B
2006An analysis of prolific authorsMckercher, B 
2008An analysis of publications in leading tourism journals and its implications on China tourism researchLaw, R ; Cheung, P
2012An analysis of publications in the journal of China tourism researchLaw, R ; Leung, D; Lee, HA
2012Analysis of pulse waveforms preprocessingWang, D; Zhang, D 
2001Analysis of pulse-activating powder using TLCTo, ML; Chau, FT
2014Analysis of quantum linear systems' response to multi-photon statesZhang, G
2005Analysis of radiation heat transfer in an enclosure fire including the effect of scatteringYuen, WW; Chow, WK 
2014An analysis of radicals-based features in subjectivity classification on simplified Chinese sentencesXu, G; Huang, CR 
2014Analysis of rain-wind induced cable vibration using spatially measured aerodynamic coefficientsLi, Y; Xu, Y ; Xiang, H; Chen, B; Shum, K; Liao, H
2007Analysis of reactive power support of generators using power flow tracing methodsWu, H; Yu, CW; Xu, N; Lin, XJ; Chen, WH
2011An analysis of research on tourism information techonology : the case of ENTERLiu, W; Zhong, L; Ip, C; Leung, D
1999An analysis of risk management in cost planning and its effect on efficiency in capital cost budgetingPicken, DH; Mak, S; Chen, SE
2005Analysis of risks perceived in reformed electricity supply industryNgan, HW ; Wang, J; Engriwan, W
2007Analysis of roadside air quality trends on Hong Kong IslandLau, J; Hung, WT ; Cheung, CS 
2002Analysis of seasonal and inter-annual variations in the position of permanent GPS tracking stationsDing, XL ; Zheng, DW; Chen, YQ ; Huang, C; Chen, W 
Jan-2013Analysis of selection criteria for design-builders through the analysis of requests for proposalXia, B; Chan, APC ; Zuo, J; Molenaar, K
2009Analysis of semantic heterogeneity using a new ontological structure based on description logicsWang, HW; Liu, JNK
2004An analysis of shoppers' walking behaviour by using GISPun-Cheng, LSC ; Chu, AWC 
2014Analysis of short-circuit current of split-winding transformer with stabilizing windingLi, L; Fu, WN ; Li, Y
28-Feb-2011Analysis of signed chromatic dispersion monitoring by waveform asymmetry for differentially-coherent phase-modulated systemsLau, APT ; Li, Z; Khan, FN; Lu, C ; Wai, PKA 
2011Analysis of single-symbol detectable space-time block codes with COD and GCIODWei, YR; Wang, M
2014Analysis of size effect on flow-induced defect in micro-scaled forming processWang, JL; Fu, MW ; Ran, JQ
2013Analysis of spatial distribution pattern of change-detection error caused by misregistrationShi, W ; Hao, M
2007Analysis of storm water runoff impact on water quality of Dishui Lake in Harbour town, ShanghaiWu, CL; Chau, KW 
2002Analysis of structural acoustic coupling of a cylindrical shell with an internal floor partitionLi, DS; Cheng, L ; Gosselin, CM
2006Analysis of structural health monitoring data from the suspension Jiangyin BridgeZhou, HF; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM