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2012Analysis and optimization of magnetically coupled resonators for wireless power transferZhang, X; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
2010Analysis and performance of a permanent-magnet synchronous generator supplying an isolated loadChan, TF; Wang, W; Lai, LL
2000Analysis and performance of a three-phase a.c. generator with inset permanent-magnet rotorChan, TF; Yan, LT; Lai, LL
2013Analysis and prediction of elastic constants of co-woven-knitted fabric (CWKF) compositeYuan, X; Hu, H ; Xu, Y
2000Analysis and simulation of spark path shapes for point/plane gapsMacalpine, JMK; Qiu, D; Li, Z
2009Analysis and solution on squeak noise of small permanent-magnet DC brush motors in variable speed applicationsLi, YB; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN ; Xue, BF
2003Analysis and survey of faults for air source heat pump water heater/chillerDeng, SM ; Yao, Y; Jiang, YQ; Ma, Z
15-Sep-2005Analysis and synthesis of multicolored objects in a single imageShen, HL; Xin, JH 
2010Analysis for magnetic stimulation effects on acupointYang, Q; Xu, G; Ho, SL ; Yu, H; Zhang, X; Fu, WN ; Yang, S; Shang, X
2007Analysis for multi-coverage problem in wireless sensor networksLiu, M; Cao, JN ; Zheng, Y; Chen, LJ; Xie, L
2010An analysis for the causes of accidents of repair, maintenance, alteration and addition works in Hong KongHon, CKH; Chan, APC ; Wong, FKW 
1993Analysis for the realization of an in-place and in-order prime factor algorithmLun, DPK ; Siu, WC 
2001Analysis of 2-D scattering problems using a novel nonuniform gridding FDTD methodSun, MK; Tam, WY 
2005Analysis of a high-power-factor AC-DC converter with reduced current and voltage stressesLu, DD; Cheng, DKW; Lee, YS
2011Analysis of a high-voltage-gain hybrid switched-capacitor buck converterXiong, S; Tan, SC; Wong, SC 
2008Analysis of a polling protocol for packet voice transport over IEEE 802.11 wireless LANsLam, RYW; Chan, HCB ; Leung, VCM
1996Analysis of a soliton-based logic module for a ring networkSaxena, S; Wai, PKA ; Menyuk, CR; Chbat, MW
2005Analysis of a stand-alone permanent-magnet synchronous generator using a time-stepping coupled field-circuit methodChan, TF; Lai, LL; Yan, LT
2008Analysis of absorption and reflection mechanisms in a three-dimensional plate silencerWang, C; Huang, L
2010An analysis of academic leadership in hospitality and tourism journalsLaw, R ; Leung, R; Buhalis, D
2000Analysis of adjusting standard land priceWang, SL; Shi, WZ ; Sen, ZL; Wang, XZ
2012Analysis of airborne particulate matter (pm₂.₅) over Hong Kong using remote sensing and GISShi, W ; Wong, MS ; Wang, J; Zhao, Y
2003Analysis of an A.C. generator with inset permanent-magnet rotor including effects of saturationChan, TF; Yan, LT; Lai, LL
2012Analysis of an asymmetric modulation method for cascaded multilevel invertersDing, K; Cheng, KWE ; Zou, YP
2010Analysis of an axial flux permanent magnet synchronous generator with a double-sided rotorChan, TF; Wang, W; Lai, LL
2002Analysis of an unconditionally stable explicit finite-difference time-domain methodSun, MK; Tam, WY 
2015Analysis of axial-flux halbach permanent-magnet machineJin, P; Yuan, Y; Xu, Q; Fang, S; Lin, H; Ho, SL 
2007Analysis of berberine and total alkaloid content in Cortex Phellodendri by near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) compared with high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with ultra-visible spectrometric detectionChan, CO; Chu, CC; Mok, DKW ; Chau, FT
2004Analysis of bifurcation in switched dynamical systems with periodically moving borders : application to power convertersMa, Y; Kawakami, H; Tse, CKM 
2006An analysis of BioHashing and its variantsKong, A; Cheung, KH; Zhang, D ; Kamel, M; You, J 
May-2003Analysis of bit error rates for multiple access CSK and DCSK communication systemsTam, WM; Lau, FCM ; Tse, CKM 
2013Analysis of blogs and microblogs : a case study of Chinese bloggers sharing their Hong Kong travel experiencesTse, TSM ; Zhang, EY
2005Analysis of bolted moment connections in cold-formed steel beam-column sub-framesYu, WK; Chung, KF ; Wong, MF
Oct-2006Analysis of brute-force break-ins of a palmprint authentication systemKong, WKA; Zhang, DD ; Kamel, M
2009Analysis of bullwhip effect in supply chains with heterogeneous decision modelsYiu, KFC ; Xie, LL; Mak, KL
2008An analysis of Cantonese rhymes by inferential statisticsCheng, KSK
2004Analysis of carbon isotopes in airborne carbonate and implications for aeolian sourcesCao, J; Wang, Y; Zhang, X; Lee, S ; Ho, K; Cao, Y; Li, Y
2004Analysis of chemical components in different parts of radix angelicae sinensis by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and HPLC coupled with chemometric methodsWei, SY; Mok, DKW ; Chau, FT
2015An analysis of chemical ingredients network of Chinese herbal formulae for the treatment of coronary heart diseaseDing, F; Zhang, Q; Ung, COL; Wang, Y; Han, Y ; Hu, Y; Qi, J
2003Analysis of China climate variations and global warming signalsYang, S; Hu, ZZ; Zheng, DW; Ding, XL ; Li, QN; Wu, RG
2002An analysis of China's cluster strategy in destination competitive positioningWong, EPY; Wong, KKF
2013Analysis of communication network performance from a complex network perspectiveWu, J; Tse, CK ; Lau, FCM ; Ho, IWH 
2003Analysis of competitive power market with constant elasticity functionNguyen, DHM; Wong, KP
2011Analysis of concentration fluctuations in gas dispersion around high-rise building for different incident wind directionsLiu, XP; Niu, JL ; Kwok, KCS
1996Analysis of concrete placement load effects using influence surfacesPeng, JL; Rosowsky, DV; Pan, AD; Chen, WF; Chan, SL ; Yen, T
2001Analysis of construction cost variation factorsChan, APC ; Lai, MK; Tam, CM; Akintoye, A
2001Analysis of crack coalescence in rock-like materials containing three flaws - Part I : Experimental approachWong, RHC; Chau, KT ; Tang, CA; Lin, P
2001Analysis of crack coalescence in rock-like materials containing three flaws - Part II : Numerical approachTang, CA; Lin, P; Wong, RHC; Chau, KT 
2003An analysis of critical success factors affecting quality of public housingChan, APC ; Wong, FKW ; Lam, PTI ; Coffey, V; Choi, JCW
2009Analysis of cross sequence similarities for multiple DNA sequences compressionWu, P; Law, NF ; Siu, WC 
2007Analysis of cross-cultural color emotionGao, XP; Xin, JH ; Sato, T; Hansuebsai, A; Scalzo, M; Kajiwara, K; Guan, SS; Valldeperas, J; Lis, MJ; Billger, M
2005Analysis of debonding failure along a softening FRP-to-concrete interface between two adjacent cracksChen, JF; Yuan, H; Teng, JG 
1999Analysis of demand for road-based transport facilities : bi-level programming approachTam, ML; Lam, WHK 
1-Apr-2012Analysis of dielectric loaded surface plasmon waveguide structures : transfer matrix method for plasmonic devicesHe, XY; Wang, Q; Yu, SF 
2012An analysis of disaster management by the Chinese Government in the market rejuvenation of the Tourism Industry From the severe snowstorms in 2008Zhang Qiu, H ; Yan, Q
2011Analysis of dyadic approximation error for hybrid video codecs with integer transformsWong, CW; Siu, WC 
2006Analysis of dynamic characteristics in polishing based on two-dimension vibration of fluidGuo, ZN; Yang, ZG; Hang, ZG; Yu, ZQ; Yue, TM ; Lee, WB 
2010Analysis of dynamic characteristics of permanent magnet contactor with sensorless displacement profile controlWang, X; Lin, H; Ho, SL ; Fang, S; Jin, P
2004Analysis of dynamic characteristics of permanent magnetic actuator for vacuum circuit breakerHo, SL ; Li, Y; Wang, SH; Xu, JY; Wong, HC
2015Analysis of dynamic characteristics of the Canton Tower under different earthquakesLi, H; Liu, JK; Chen, WH; Lu, ZR; Xia, Y ; Ni, YQ 
2000Analysis of dynamic dispatching rules for a flexible manufacturing systemChan, F; Chan, HK; Lau, HCW; Ip, R
2003Analysis of dynamic dispatching rules for a flexible manufacturing systemChan, FTS ; Chan, HK; Lau, HCW; Ip, RWL
2010Analysis of EEG signals during acupuncture using spectral analysis techniquesLi, N; Wong, YK; Chan, WL ; Tsang, KM 
2006Analysis of effects on the Ningxia Power System arising from electromagnet coupled networks operating at different voltage leveDeng, Y; Yang, C; Wang, W; He, W; Li, J; Qing, J; Ngan, HW 
2001Analysis of embodied energy use in the residential building of Hong KongChen, TY; Burnett, J; Chau, CK
2002Analysis of energy and humidity performance of a system combining chilled ceiling with desiccant coolingNiu, J ; Zhang, L; Zuo, H
2006Analysis of energy saving potential in commercial buildings of Hong KongYang, J; Chan, KT ; Wu, XS; Yang, XF
2005Analysis of energy use in residential buildings of Hong KongYang, J; Chan, KT ; Wu, XS; Zhang, SY
2002Analysis of error sources in GPS water vapor determinationChen, YQ ; Liu, YX
2011An analysis of eye movement based authentication systemsZhang, Y; Chi, Z ; Feng, D
2002Analysis of fabric drape and garment drapeNg, SF ; Hui, CL ; Tam, FY
2007Analysis of facial characteristics in spectropolarimetric imageryZhao, Y; Zhang, L ; Yang, T; Wei, P; Yang, H
2005Analysis of fall injuries for the Hong Kong construction industryWong, KW ; Chan, PC ; Yam, CH ; Wong, YS ; Tse, TC; Yip, KC
2009Analysis of fatigue crack growth behavior in asphalt concrete material in wearing courseSuo, Z; Wong, WG
2013Analysis of flexible decision strategies for sustainability-focused green product recovery systemMangla, S; Madaan, J; Chan, FTS 
2014Analysis of fluctuating characteristics of wind-induced airflow through a single opening using LES modeling and the tracer gas techniqueAi, ZT; Mak, CM 
2002Analysis of fluid–structure interaction of an elastic blade in cascadeLeung, RCK ; Lau, YL; So, RMC
2014Analysis of geoenvironmental hazards in urban underground space development in ShanghaiHuang, Y; Bao, Y; Wang, Y 
2005Analysis of geometric imperfections in full-scale welded steel silosTeng, JG ; Lin, X; Rotter, JM; Ding, XL 
2005Analysis of global k-means, an incremental heuristic for minimum sum-of-squares clusteringHansen, P; Ngai, E ; Cheung, BK; Mladenovic, N