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2013A new bottom-up method for saliency detectionMa, X; Xie, X; Lam, KM ; Zhong, Y
2010A new differential evolution with self-terminating ability using fuzzy control and k-nearest neighborsLai, JCY; Leung, FHF ; Ling, SH
2009A new Differential Evolution with wavelet theory based mutation operationLai, JCY; Leung, FHF ; Ling, SH
2007A new hybrid particle swarm optimization with wavelet theory based mutation operationLing, SH; Yeung, CW; Chan, KY; Iu, HHC; Leung, FHF 
1998Non-invasive quantification of physiological processes with dynamic PET using blind deconvolutionLau, CH; Lun, PKD ; Feng, DD
2009Non-iterative hierarchical registration for medical imagesWang, X; Feng, DD
2000Numerical dispersion of multiresolution time domain method (W-MRTD)Choi, KY; Tam, WY 
2004On optimal threshold selection for multiwavelet shrinkageHsung, TC; Lun, DPK 
2005Optimizing the multiwavelet shrinkage denoisingHsung, TC; Lun, DPK ; Ho, KC
2005Real-coded genetic algorithm with average-bound crossover and wavelet mutation for network parameters learningLing, SH; Leung, FHF 
2008Restoration of half-toned color-quantized images using particle swarm optimization with wavelet mutationYeung, CW; Ling, SH; Chan, YH ; Leung, FHF 
2008Speech enhancement based on adaptive wavelet denoising on multitaper spectrumHsung, TC; Lun, DPK 
2000The theory of the sub-gridding MRTDChoi, KY; Tam, WY 
2003Unified feature analysis in different compressed domainsAu, KM; Law, NF ; Siu, WC 
2002Wavelet analysis based protection for high impedance ground fault in supply systemsZeng, XJ; Li, KK; Chan, WL 
2003A wavelet approach to fast approximation of steady-state waveforms of power electronics circuitsLiu, M; Tse, CK ; Wu, J
2000Wavelet feature vectors for neural network based harmonics load recognitionChan, WL ; So, TP; Lai, LL
2002Wavelet singularity detection for image processingLun, DPK ; Hsung, TC; Ho, YF
2009A wavelet-based reconstruction algorithm for fluorescent molecular tomographyZou, W; Wang, J; Feng, DD; Wu, K