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2007A signal processing approach for elastic wave-based structural health monitoring using active piezoelectricsYang, C; Su, Z ; Ye, L; Zhou, L ; Hodgson, P
2012Spectral analysis of cerebral oxygenation responses to seated whole-body vibration in healthy menLi, Z; Zhang, M ; Li, J; Xin, Q; Chen, G; Li, J; Liu, F
2012Spectral analysis of near-infrared spectroscopy signals measured from prefrontal lobe in subjects at risk for strokeLi, Z; Zhang, M ; Xin, Q; Chen, G; Liu, F; Li, J
2014Spectral shift and absorption of GPR signals in a wetted sand columnLai, WWL
2009Stitching defect detection and classification using wavelet transform and BP neural networkWong, WK ; Yuen, CWM; Fan, DD; Chan, LK; Fung, EHK
2001Successive structural analysis using wavelet transform for blocking artifacts suppressionLaw, NF ; Siu, WC 
2007Unified feature analysis in JPEG and JPEG 2000-compressed domainsAu, KM; Law, NF ; Siu, WC 
2012Wavelet analysis of lumbar muscle oxygenation signals during whole-body vibration : implications for the development of localized muscle fatigueLi, Z; Zhang, M ; Chen, G; Luo, S; Liu, F; Li, J
2011Wavelet analysis of sacral tissue oxygenation oscillations by near-infrared spectroscopy in persons with spinal cord injuryLi, Z; Zhang, M ; Wang, Y; Wang, Y; Xin, Q; Li, J; Lu, C
2007Wavelet analysis of the effects of static magnetic field on skin blood flowmotion : investigation using an in vivo rat modelLi, Z; Tam, EWC ; Mak, AFT; Lau, RYC
2014A wavelet-based hybrid approach to remove the flicker noise and the white noise from GPS coordinate time seriesWu, H; Li, K; Shi, W ; Clarke, KC; Zhang, J; Li, H
2008A wavelet-based image quality assessment methodLu, W; Gao, X; Tao, D; Li, X
2007一种基于交叉证认技术的自适应小波变换及其在削减GPS多路径误差中的应用Zhong, P; Ding, XL ; Zheng, DW; Chen, W ; Huang, DF