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Apr-2008Determinants of improvement in walking capacity among individuals with chronic stroke following a multi-dimensional exercise programPang, MYC ; Eng, JJ
2013Effect of walkway length and turning direction on the distance covered in the 6-minute walk test among adults over 50 years of age: A cross-sectional studyNg, SS ; Yu, PC; To, FP; Chung, JS; Cheung, TH
2013The Figure-of-Eight Walk test : reliability and associations with stroke-specific impairmentsWong, SST; Yam, MS; Ng, SSM 
2015Parallel walk test : its correlation with balance and motor functions in people with chronic strokeNg, SS ; Chan, LH; Chan, CS; Lai, SH; Wu, WW; Tse, MM ; Fong, SS
Feb-2013Reliability of the 12-step ascend and descend test and its correlation with motor function in people with chronic strokeNg, SMS ; Ng, HH; Chan, KM; Lai, JC; To, AK; Yeung, CW
2004Sit-and-Reach test can predict mobility of patients recovering from acute strokeTsang, YL; Mak, MK 
2008Sudden turn during walking is impaired in people with Parkinson's diseaseMak, MKY ; Patla, A; Hui-Chan, C
2005The variation of dynamic footprint parameters with different gait patternsLaw, Yat-chau
2011Walkway length, but not turning direction, determines the six-minute walk test distance in individuals with strokeNg, SS ; Tsang, WW ; Cheung, TH; Chung, JS; To, FP; Yu, PC
Jan-2012Walkway lengths for measuring walking speed in stroke rehabilitationNg, SMS ; Ng, PCM; Lee, CYW; Ng, ESW; Tong, MHW