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2015Multicolor tuning towards single red-emission band of upconversion nanoparticles for tunable optical component and optical/x-ray imaging agents via Ce3+ dopingYi, Z; Zeng, T; Xu, Y; Lu, W; Qian, C; Liu, H; Zeng, S; Hao, J 
2012PEG modified BaGdF5:Yb/Er nanoprobes for multi-modal upconversion fluorescent, in vivo X-ray computed tomography and biomagnetic imagingZeng, S; Tsang, MK; Chan, CF; Wong, KL; Hao, J 
2015Persistent luminescence upconversion for Er2O3 under 975 nm excitation in vacuumWang, J; Hao, JH ; Tanner, PA
2014Simultaneous realization of phase/size manipulation, upconversion luminescence enhancement, and blood vessel imaging in multifunctional nanoprobes through transition metal Mn2+ dopingZeng, S; Yi, Z; Lu, W; Qian, C; Wang, H; Rao, L; Zeng, T; Liu, H; Liu, H; Fei, B ; Hao, J
2015Tuning the luminescence of phosphors : beyond conventional chemical methodBai, G; Tsang, MK; Hao, J 
2014Upconversion luminescence resonance energy transfer (LRET)-based biosensor for rapid and ultrasensitive detection of avian influenza virus H7 subtypeYe, WW; Tsang, MK; Liu, X; Yang, M ; Hao, J 
2013Upconversion nanoparticles conjugated with Gd3+-DOTA and RGD for targeted dual-modality imaging of brain tumor xenograftsJin, J; Xu, Z; Zhang, Y; Gu, YJ; Lam, MHW; Wong, WT 
2013Upconverting near-infrared light through energy management in core-shell-shell nanoparticlesWen, H; Zhu, H; Chen, X; Hung, TF; Wang, B; Zhu, G; Yu, SF ; Wang, F