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1996Sensors for automatic process control of wire bondingOr, DSW ; Chan, HLW ; Lo, VC; Yuen, CW
Sep-2003Single crystal PMN-0.33PT/epoxy 1-3 composites for ultrasonic transducer applicationsCheng, KC; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Yin, Q; Luo, H; Yin, Z
26-May-2006Spherically shaped active transducer based on proton-irradiated vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene 70/30 mol% copolymerLau, ST; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Cheung, WY; Wong, SP
2000Studies of PZT/EPOXY and PMN-PT/EPOXY composites for ultrasonic transducer applicationsCheng, Kei-chun
2003Study of composite transducers for ultrasonic wire bondingChong, Chi-po
11-Sep-2001Ultrasonic transducerChan, HLW ; Or, DSW ; Choy, CL 
20-Feb-2001Ultrasonic transducerChan, HLW ; Or, DSW ; Cheng, KC; Choy, CL 
2009Ultrasonic transducer equipped with a magnetoelectric sensor for weld quality monitoringCheung, Kwok-fung
Sep-1996An ultrasound indentation system for biomechanical properties assessment of soft tissues in-vivoZheng, YP ; Mak, AFT