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2007Benchmarking of optimisation techniques based on genetic algorithms, tabu search and simulated annealingLau, HCW; Ho, GTS; Cheng, ENM; Ning, A; Lee, CKM
Jun-2008An efficient tabu search algorithm for robust solutions of electromagnetic design problemsHo, SL ; Yang, S; Ni, G; Cheng, KWE 
2012The freight allocation problem with all-units quantity-based discount : a heuristic algorithmQin, H; Luo, M ; Gao, X; Lim, A
2012The freight allocation problem with lane cost balancing constraintLim, A; Qin, H; Xu, Z 
2008A fuzzy synthetic evaluation embedded tabu search for risk programming of virtual enterprisesHuang, M; Ip, WH ; Yang, H; Wang, X; Lau, HCW
2004Hybrid flow-shop scheduling problems with multiprocessor task systemsOguz, C; Zinder, Y; Do, VH; Janiak, A; Lichtenstein, M
2016Hybridization of tabu search with feasible and infeasible local searches for the quadratic multiple knapsack problemQin, J; Xu, X; Wu, Q; Cheng, TCE 
Mar-2004An improved tabu-based vector optimal algorithm for design optimizations of electromagnetic devicesYang, S; Cardoso, JR; Ho, SL ; Ni, PH; Machado, JM; Lo, E 
2015Iterated local search based on multi-type perturbation for single-machine earliness/tardiness schedulingQin, T; Peng, B; Benlic, U; Cheng, TCE ; Wang, Y; Lü, Z
2006Optimal design of link structure for E-supermarket websiteWang, Y; Wang, D; Ip, WH 
2012Optimal product positioning with consideration of negative utility effect on consumer choice ruleLuo, XG; Kwong, CK ; Tang, JF; Tu, YL
2013A stochastic vehicle routing problem with travel time uncertainty : trade-off between cost and customer serviceZhang, J; Lam, WHK ; Chen, BY
Mar-2002A tabu method to find the Pareto solutions of multiobjective optimal design problems in electromagneticsHo, SL ; Yang, S; Ni, G; Wong, HCC
2004A tabu search approach to distribution network reconfiguration for loss reductionLi, KK; Chung, TS; Chen, GJ; Tang, GQ
2015A tabu search/path relinking algorithm to solve the job shop scheduling problemPeng, B; Lu, Z; Cheng, TCE 
2008A unified tabu search algorithm for vehicle routing problems with soft time windowsFu, Z; Eglese, R; Li, LYO