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2007The relationship between international leisure travelers' origin country and product satisfaction, value, service quality, and intent to returnMccleary, KW; Weaver, PA; Hsu, CHC 
2012Rethinking loyaltyMcKercher, B ; Denizci Guillet, B ; Ng, E
2009The service-profit chain : a review and extensionYee, RWY; Yeung, ACL ; Cheng, TCE ; Lai, KH 
2011The service-profit chain: An empirical analysis in high-contact service industriesYee, RWY ; Yeung, ACL ; Cheng, TCE 
2015Understanding firms selection of their ISO 9000 third-party certifiersCastka, P; Prajogo, D; Sohal, A; Yeung, ACL 
2012User experience on mobile video appreciation : how to engross users and to enhance their enjoyment in watching mobile video clipsSee-To, EWK ; Papagiannidis, S; Cho, V