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Oct-2010Enhancing the information transmission for pharmaceutical supply chain based on radio frequency identification (RFID) and internet of thingsTing, SL; Kwok, SK; Tsang, AHC; Lee, WB 
2008Extending CRM in the retail industry : an RFID-based personal shopping assistant systemNgai, EWT ; Moon, KKL; Liu, JN; Tsang, KF; Law, R ; Suk, FFC; Wong, ICL
2011An investigation of an RFID-based patient-tracking and mobile alert systemYeung, CL; Kwok, SK; Mui, HC
2009A RFID case-based logistics resource management system for managing order-picking operations in warehousesPoon, TC; Choy, KL ; Chow, HKH; Lau, HCW; Chan, FTS ; Ho, KC
2008RFID research : an academic literature review (1995-2005) and future research directionsNgai, EWT ; Moon, KKL; Riggins, FJ; Yi, CY
2010An RFID-based drug management system a case in medical organizationTing, SL; Kwok, SK; Tsang, AHC; Lee, WB 
2012A study of RFID adoption for vehicle tracking in a container terminalTing, SL; Wang, LX; Ip, WH 
2011The study on using passive RFID tags for indoor positioningTing, SL; Kwok, SK; Tsang, AHC; Ho, TS