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2009Hydrothermal synthesis of three-dimensional hierarchical CuO butterfly-like architecturesZhang, Y; Or, SW ; Wang, X; Cui, T; Cui, W; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Z
2006Indium and zinc oxide-based nanostructures prepared by thermal evaporationLai, Chong-wan
2014Mechanism of transition-metal nanoparticle catalytic graphene cuttingMa, L; Wang, J; Yip, J ; Ding, F 
2003Micro-mechanical properties and morphological observation on fracture surfaces of carbon nanotube composites pre-treated at different temperaturesLau, KT ; Shi, SQ ; Cheng, HM
2010Microstructures and electrical conductance of silver nanocrystalline thin films on flexible polymer substratesWang, RX; Tao, XM ; Wang, Y; Wang, GF; Shang, SM 
2015MnO QD/Graphene Dot Fabrics: A Versatile Nanohybrid MaterialSu, L; Jiang, J; Wang, L; Wang, Y; Ren, M
2006Nanopatterning by atomic force microscopyTang, Qian
2009Optical properties of octahedral KTaO3 nanocrystallineZou, Y; Hu, Y; Gu, H; Wang, Y 
2002The revolutionary creation of new advanced materials - Carbon nanotube compositesLau, AKT ; Hui, D
2000A silver(I) coordination polymer chain containing nanosized tubes with anionic and solvent molecule guestsHong, M; Zhao, Y; Su, W; Cao, R; Fujita, M; Zhou, Z; Chan, ASC
2005Surface functionalization of cellulose fibers with titanium dioxide nanoparticles and their combined bactericidal activitiesDaoud, WA; Xin, JH ; Zhang, YH
2006Synthesis and characterization of single crystalline selenium nanowire arraysZhang, XY; Xu, LH; Dai, JY ; Cai, Y; Wang, N
2013Synthesis and electromagnetic properties of Al/AlOx-coated Ni nanocapsulesLiu, X; Feng, C; Or, SW ; Jin, C; Xiao, F; Xia, A; Li, W; Sun, Y; Zhao, S
2009Synthesis of fine-crystalline Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3-MgO ceramics by novel hybrid processing routeZhang, HF; Or, SW ; Chan, HLW