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2006A discussion of attribute reduction in fuzzy rough sets using support vector machineTsang, ECC; Chen, D; Zhao, S; He, Q
2001From global weight to fuzzy measure : handling interaction among fuzzy rulesYeung, DS; Lee, JWT; Ha, MH
2009A fuzzy genetic algorithm for the discovery of process parameter settings using knowledge representationLau, HCW; Tang, CXH; Ho, GTS; Chan, TM
Feb-2003Hybrid knowledge representation in a blackboard KBS for liquid retaining structure designChau, KW ; Albermani, F
Oct-2011Knowledge elicitation in unstructured business processes : the preliminary findings from a case studyYip, J; Lee, WB ; Tsui, E ; Lui, C
2014A knowledge extraction and representation system for narrative analysis in the construction industryYeung, CL; Cheung, CF ; Wang, WM; Tsui, E 
2004Knowledge representation on design of storm drainage systemChau, KW ; Cheung, CS 
2001Learning weights of fuzzy production rules by a max-min neural networkTsang, ECC; Wang, XZ; Yeung, DS
2013A new method for knowledge and information management domain ontology graph modelLiu, JNK; He, YL; Lim, EHY; Wang, XZ
2000Refinement of fuzzy production rules by neuro-fuzzy networksTsang, ECC; Qiu, S; Yeung, DS
2001A representation of context for computer supported collaborative designTang, MX ; Frazer, J
2004Research on versatile generation method of switching orders for substationsSu, S; Li, KK; Zeng, XJ; Chen, CQ; Chen, XY
2008Self-associated concept mapping for representation, elicitation and inference of knowledgeWang, WM; Cheung, CF ; Lee, WB ; Kwok, SK
2002Web-based knowledge-based system on liquid retaining structure design as instructional toolAlbermani, F; Chau, KW