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2004An efficient fractal-based algorithm for image magnificationLai, CM; Lam, KMK ; Chan, YH ; Siu, WC 
20-Jul-2011Efficient fringe image enhancement based on dual-tree complex wavelet transformHsung, TC; Lun, PKD ; Ng, WWL
1999An error diffusion technique with reduced directional hysteresisChan, YH ; Kwong, HT; Lo, KT ; Li, CK
2001Feature guide : a statistically based feature selection schemeYou, J ; Dillon, T; Pissaloux, E
2001A fuzzy metric for image quality assessmentLi, J; Chen, G; Chi, Z 
2009Human identification using KnuckleCodesKumar, A ; Zhou, Y
2013Image enhancement for fringe projection profilometryNg, WL; Lun, DPK 
2003Image enlargement using fractalChung, KH; Fung, YH; Chan, YH 
2004Integrating shape and texture for hand verificationPathak, AK; Zhang, DD 
2005Interactive fusion and contrast enhancement for whole body PET/CT data using multi-image pixel compostingChan, C; Kim, J; Feng, DD; Cai, W
2011Longitudinal enhancement of the hyperechoic regions in ultrasonography of muscles using a gabor filter bank approach : a preparation for semi-automatic muscle fiber orientation estimationZhou, Y; Zheng, YP 
2012Microscopic image segmentation with two-level enhancement of feature discriminabilitySong, Y; Cai, WD; Feng, D
2011Nonlinear curvelet diffusion for noisy image enhancementLi, Y; Ning, H; Zhang, Y; Feng, D
2000Optimizing MPEG-4 coding performance by taking post-processing into accountCheung, WF; Chan, YH 
Jan-1999Progressive switching median filter for the removal of impulse noise from highly corrupted imagesWang, Z; Zhang, DD 
2012Single image dehazing with white balance correction and image decompositionHe, R; Wang, Z; Xiong, H; Feng, D
2010Tone mapping HDR images using optimization : a general frameworkQiu, GP; Mei, Y; Lam, KM ; Qiu, M