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2013A modulated excitation imaging system for microultrasoundQiu, W; Yu, Y; Li, G; Qian, M; Zheng, H; Sun, L 
2013Nonlocal hierarchical dictionary learning using wavelets for image denoisingYan, R; Shao, L; Liu, Y 
2014Patch based image denoising using the finite ridgelet transform for less artifactsLiu, YX; Law, NF ; Siu, WC 
2015A salt & pepper noise filter based on local and global image informationLi, Z; Cheng, Y; Tang, K; Xu, Y; Zhang, D 
2011Sparsity-based image denoising via dictionary learning and structural clusteringDong, W; Li, X; Zhang, L ; Shi, G
2014Transductive gaussian processes for image denoisingWang, S; Zhang, L ; Urtasun, R
2002Wavelet singularity detection for image processingLun, DPK ; Hsung, TC; Ho, YF