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2013Adaptive and localized iris weight map for accurate iris recognition under less constrained environmentsTan, CW; Kumar, A 
2000Adaptive thresholding for noisy MPEG-4 still texture imageChan, TCL; Lun, DPK 
2006An anatomy of IrisCode for precise phase representationKong, WKA; Zhang, DD ; Kamel, M
2002Color image watermarking based on DCT-domains of color channelsZheng, J; Zhang, Y; Feng, D; Zhao, R
2004Competitive coding scheme for palmprint verificationKong, W; Zhang, D 
2010Contactless palm vein identification using multiple representationsZhou, Y; Kumar, A 
Jul-2003Contextual algorithm for color quantizationYu, MP; Lo, KC
Oct-2006Cryptanalysis of an image encryption schemeLi, S; Li, C; Lo, KT ; Chen, G
2004An efficient fractal-based algorithm for image magnificationLai, CM; Lam, KMK ; Chan, YH ; Siu, WC 
2006An Efficient Lossless Compression Algorithm for fMRI Data VolumeZhang, L ; Wu, X
Aug-1998An efficient weight optimization algorithm for image representation using nonorthogonal basis imagesChan, YH 
Oct-2009A fast approach for identifying similar features in retrieval of JPEG and JPEG2000 imagesCheng, KO; Law, NFB ; Siu, WC 
1995Fast interframe transform coding based on characteristics of transform coefficients and frame differenceChan, YL ; Siu, WC 
2002Fast over-complete wavelet implementation for spline familyLaw, NF ; Siu, WC 
2001A fuzzy metric for image quality assessmentLi, J; Chen, G; Chi, Z 
2006Generalized discrete multiwavelet transform with embedded prefilter bank for VQ-Based image codingShum, YH; Lun, DPK ; Hsung, TC
2012Human identification from at-a-distance face images using sparse representation of local iris featuresKumar, A ; Chan, TS; Tan, CW
Oct-2011Improved lossless coding algorithm in H.264/AVC based on hierarchical intraprediction and coding-mode selectionWang, L; Siu, WC 
Dec-1995In search of the optimal searching sequence for VQ encodingChan, YH ; Siu, WC 
2004Multiple block based authentication watermarking for distribution of medical imagesLim, YS; Feng, D
1997A new approach for restoring block-transform coded images with estimation of correlation matricesChoy, SSO; Chan, YH ; Siu, WC 
2012Object localization in medical images based on graphical model with contrast and interest-region termsSong, Y; Cai, W; Huang, H; Wang, Y; Feng, D
2001Page segmentation and content classification for automatic document image processingYip, SK; Chi, Z 
2006Palmprint texture analysis using derivative of gaussian filtersWu, X; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
2005A PCA-wavelet based coding scheme for distance learningLi, Q; Fan, QF; You, J ; Bhattacharya, P
1996A practical real-time post-processing technique for block effect eliminationHong, SW; Chan, YH ; Siu, WC 
1997Regularized restoration of VQ compressed images with constrained least squares approachChoy, SSO; Yue, CN; Hong, SW; Chan, YH 
2004Restoring halftoned color-quantized image with genetic algorithmsLui, KC; Fung, YH; Chan, YH 
2004Restoring halftoned color-quantized images with simulated annealingFung, YH; Chan, YH 
2004Split decision function using fuzzy integral [image coding applications]Li, J; Chi, Z ; Chen, G
1995Subband adaptive regularization method for removing blocking effectHong, SW; Chan, YH ; Siu, WC 
1991Symmetric realization of DCT for multi-dimensional data compressionChan, YH ; Siu, WC 
2004A technique for lossy compression of error-diffused halftonesCheung, SM; Chan, YH 
2003Temporal compression for dynamic positron emission tomography via principal component analysis in the sinogram domainChen, Z; Parker, B; Feng, D
2004Temporal processing of dynamic positron emission tomography via principal component analysis in the sinogram domainChen, Z; Parker, BJ; Feng, DD; Fulton, R
2003Unified feature analysis in different compressed domainsAu, KM; Law, NF ; Siu, WC 
2002Wavelet singularity detection for image processingLun, DPK ; Hsung, TC; Ho, YF