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2003Polarization fatigue in asymmetric-field-driven ferroelectric thin filmsWang, Y; Wong, KH; Shin, FG; Choy, CL
2004Postural and trunk muscle response to sudden release during stoop lifting tasks before and after fatigue of the trunk erector musclesChow, DHK; Man, JWK; Holmes, AD; Evans, JH
2015Providing acupuncture in a breast cancer and fatigue trial : the therapists' experienceBardy, J; Finnegan-John, J; Molassiotis, A ; Mackereth, P
2014Quantitative damage and detwinning analysis of nanotwinned copper foil under cyclic loadingYoo, BG; Boles, ST ; Liu, Y; Zhang, X; Schwaiger, R; Eberl, C; Kraft, O
2013A randomized, controlled trial of acupuncture self-needling as maintenance therapy for cancer-related fatigue after therapist-delivered acupunctureMolassiotis, A ; Bardy, J; Finnegan-John, J; Mackereth, P; Ryder, WD; Filshie, F; Ream, E; Eaton, D; Richardson, A
1-Jul-2004Role of oxygen pressure during pulsed laser deposition on the electrical and dielectric properties of antiferroelectric lanthanum-doped lead zirconate stannate titanate thin filmsYao, Y; Lu, SG; Chen, H; Zhai, J; Wong, KH
Mar-2012SHMS-based fatigue reliability analysis of multiloading suspension bridgesChen, ZW; Xu, YL ; Wang, XM
2015Static and fatigue behavior of CFRP-strengthened RC bridge girders subjected to vehicle overloadingSun, XY; Dai, JG ; Wang, HL; Xu, C
2007A System for the Synchronized Recording of Sonomyography, ElectromyographyHuang, QH; Zheng, YP ; Chen, X; He, J; Shi, J
2013Wind-vehicle-bridge interaction : fatigue assessment and reliabilityXu, YL ; Chen, ZW