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2006Adaptive classification algorithm based on maximum scatter difference discriminant criterionSong, FX; Zhang, D ; Yang, JY; Gao, XM
2007Adaptive weight estimation in multi-biometric verification using fuzzy logic decision fusionHui, HPS; Meng, HM; Mak, MW 
2008An approach for directly extracting features from matrix data and its application in face recognitionXu, Y; Zhang, D ; Yang, J; Yang, JY
2005Assembled matrix distance metric for 2DPCA-based face and palmprint recognitionZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
2006An assembled matrix distance metric for 2DPCA-based image recognitionZuo, W; Zhang, D ; Wang, K
2011Automated segmentation of iris images using visible wavelength face imagesTan, CW; Kumar, A 
Aug-2006BDPCA plus LDA : a novel fast feature extraction technique for face recognitionZuo, W; Zhang, DD ; Yang, J; Wang, K
2005Bi-dierectional PCA with assembled matrix distance metricZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, D 
2005Bi-directional PCA with assembled matrix distance metricZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
Aug-2006Bidirectional PCA with assembled matrix distance metric for image recognitionZuo, W; Zhang, DD ; Wang, K
2011Bimodal biometrics based on a representation and recognition approachXu, Y; Zhong, A; Yang, J; Zhang, D 
2008Binary two-dimensional PCAPang, Y; Tao, D; Yuan, Y; Li, X
2007Block independent component analysis for face recognitionZhang, L ; Gao, Q; Zhang, DD 
2010Color space normalization : enhancing the discriminating power of color spaces for face recognitionYang, J; Liu, C; Zhang, L 
2007Combination of two novel LDA-based methods for face recognitionZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, D ; Zhang, H
Aug-2007Constructing PCA baseline algorithms to reevaluate ICA-based face-recognition performanceYang, J; Zhang, DD ; Yang, JY
2016Corrupted and occluded face recognition via cooperative sparse representationZhao, ZQ; Cheung, YM; Hu, H ; Wu, X
2013Depth estimation of face images using the nonlinear least-squares modelSun, ZL; Lam, KM ; Gao, QW
2015Design and learn distinctive features from pore-scale facial keypointsLi, D; Lam, KM 
2008Directional independent component analysis with tensor representationZhang, L ; Gao, Q; Zhang, DD 
Jan-2006Efficient color face detection algorithm under different lighting conditionsChow, TY; Lam, KMK ; Wong, KW
2006An efficient illumination normalization method for face recognitionXie, X; Lam, KM 
2005An efficient method for face recognition under varying illuminationXie, X; Lam, KM 
2009Elastic block set reconstruction for face recognitionLi, D; Xie, XD; Lam, KM ; Jin, Z
2002Elastic face recognizer : invariant face recognition based on elastic graph matching modelLee, RST
2008Elastic shape-texture matching for human face recognitionXie, X; Lam, KM 
2010Emulating biological strategies for uncontrolled face recognitionDeng, W; Hu, J; Guo, J; Cai, W; Feng, D
2010Entropy controlled Laplacian regularization for least square regressionWang, X; Tao, D; Li, Z
2011Equivalence between LDA/QR and direct LDALi, RH; Liang, S; Baciu, G ; Chan, E
2012Face feature extraction and recognition based on discriminant subclass-center manifold preserving projectionJing, XY; Lan, C; Zhang, D ; Yang, JY; Li, M; Li, S; Zhu, SH
2003Face recognition based on a group decision-making combination approachJing, XY; Zhang, D ; Yang, JY
2007Face recognition based on a novel linear discriminant criterionSong, F; Zhang, D ; Chen, Q; Wang, J
2006Face recognition based on discriminant fractional Fourier feature extractionJing, XY; Wong, HS; Zhang, D 
2004Face recognition based on illumination restorationLiu , D; Shen , L; Lam, KM ; Kong, X
2003Face recognition based on linear classifiers combinationJing, X; Zhang, D 
2011Face recognition based on local uncorrelated and weighted global uncorrelated discriminant transformsJing, X; Li, S; Zhang, D ; Yang, J
2009Face recognition based on nonlinear DCT discriminant feature extraction using improved kernel DCVLi, S; Yao, YF; Jing, XY; Chang, H; Gao, SQ; Zhang, D ; Yang, JY
2013Face recognition based on regularized nearest points between image setsYang, M; Zhu, P; Luc, VG; Zhang, L 
2015Face recognition from a single registered image for conference socializingZhao, Y; Liu, Y ; Liu, Y; Zhong, SH; Hua, KA
2003Face recognition method using hybrid featureSu, H; Feng, D; Wang, X; Zhao, R
2005Face recognition under varying illumination based on a 2D face shape modelXie, X; Lam, KM 
2008Face recognition using elastic local reconstruction based on a single face imageXie, X; Lam, KM 
2008Face recognition using FLDA with single training image per personGao, Qx; Zhang, L ; Zhang, D 
2006Face representation based on the multiple-class maximum scatter differenceSong, FX; Yang, JY; Liu, SH; Zhang, D 
2012Face super-resolution based on singular value decompositionJian, M; Lam, KM 
2009Facial expression recognition based on shape and textureXie, X; Lam, KM 
2007Facial feature extraction method based on coefficients of variancesSong, FX; Zhang, D ; Chen, CK; Yang, JY
2006A fast evolutionary pursuit algorithm based on linearly combining vectorsZhao, Q; Lu, H; Zhang, D 
2006A fast kernel-based nonlinear discriminant analysis for multi-class problemsXu, Y; Zhang, D ; Jin, Z; Li, M; Yang, JY
2010Feature extraction based on fuzzy 2DLDAYang, W; Yan, X; Zhang, L ; Sun, C
2009Feature extraction based on Laplacian bidirectional maximum margin criterionYang, W; Wang, J; Ren, M; Yang, J; Zhang, L ; Liu, G
2009Feature extraction using fuzzy inverse FDAYang, W; Wang, J; Ren, M; Zhang, L ; Yang, J
2003Feature fusion : parallel strategy vs. serial strategyYang, J; Yang, JY; Zhang, D ; Lu, JF
2011Gabor Surface Feature for face recognitionYan, K; Chen, Y; Zhang, D 
2006Gabor-based kernel PCA with doubly nonlinear mapping for face recognition with a single face imageXie, X; Lam, KM 
2011Gabor-feature hallucination based on generalized canonical correlation analysis for face recognitionPong, KH; Lam, KM 
2003A generalised K-L expansion method which can deal with small sample size and high-dimensional problemsYang, J; Zhang, D ; Yang, JY
2003A generalised K-L expansion method which can deal with small sample size and high-dimensional problemsYang, J; Zhang, D ; Yang, JY
Apr-2007Globally maximizing, locally minimizing : unsupervised discriminant projection with applications to face and palm biometricsYang, J; Zhang, DD ; Yang, JY; Niu, B
2010Harvesting web images for realistic facial expression recognitionYu, K; Wang, Z; Zhuo, L; Feng, D
2010Hierarchical multiscale LBP for face and palmprint recognitionGuo, Z; Zhang, L ; Zhang, D ; Mou, X
2015High-resolution face verification using pore-scale facial featuresLi, D; Zhou, H; Lam, KM 
2003Human face recognition based on radial basis probabilistic neural networkGuo, L; Huang, DS
2003Human face recognition based on spatially weighted Hausdorff distanceGuo, B; Lam, KM ; Lin, KH; Siu, WC 
2001Human face recognition using a spatially weighted Hausdorff distanceGuo, B; Lam, KMK ; Siu, WC ; Yang, S
2012Human identification from at-a-distance face images using sparse representation of local iris featuresKumar, A ; Chan, TS; Tan, CW
2001Hybrid neural method for locating eyes in facial imagesZhang, D ; Peng, H; Wang, K
2005iBotGuard : an internet-based intelligent robot security system using invariant face recognition against intruderLiu, JNK; Wang, M; Feng, B
2014Image set-based collaborative representation for face recognitionZhu, P; Zuo, W; Zhang, L ; Shiu, SCK ; Zhang, D 
2012Impact of full rank principal component analysis on classification algorithms for face recognitionSong, F; You, J ; Zhang, D ; Xu, Y
2003Improvements on the linear discrimination technique with application to face recognitionJing, XY; Zhang, D ; Yao, YF
2009Improving the interest operator for face recognitionXu, Y; Yao, L; Zhang, D ; Yang, JY
2010Independent components extraction from image matrixGao, Q; Zhang, L ; Zhang, D ; Xu, H
2014Integrate the original face image and its mirror image for face recognitionXu, Y; Li, X; Yang, J; Zhang, D 
2014Integrating conventional and inverse representation for face recognitionXu, Y; Li, XL; Yang, J; Lai, ZH; Zhang, D 
2005Is ICA significantly better than PCA for face recognition?Yang, J; Zhang, DD ; Yang, JY
2013Joint discriminative dimensionality reduction and dictionary learning for face recognitionFeng, Z; Yang, M; Zhang, L ; Liu, Y ; Zhang, D 
2005Kernel ICA : an alternative formulation and its application to face recognitionYang, J; Gao, X; Zhang, D ; Yang, JY
2005Kernel PCA with doubly nonlinear mapping for face recognitionXie, XD; Lam, KM 
Feb-2005KPCA Plus LDA : a complete kernel Fisher discriminant framework for feature extraction and recognitionYang, J; Frangi, AF; Yang, JY; Zhang, DD ; Jin, Z