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Oct-2008Image-based evaluation of seam puckering appearanceXin, B; Baciu, G ; Hu, J 
2014Multi-scale polymer brushes textile materials with antifouling functionsLiu, XQ; Li, Y ; Wan, F; Zhou, F
2015One-step modification of fabrics with bioinspired polydopamine@octadecylamine nanocapsules for robust and healable self-cleaning performanceLiu, Y; Liu, Z; Liu, Y; Hu, H; Li, Y ; Yan, P; Yu, B; Zhou, F
2009Parallel transfer optical packet switchesLi, CY; Wai, PKA ; Li, VOK
2013Temperature-triggered collection and release of water from fogs by a sponge-like cotton fabricYang, H; Zhu, H; Hendrix, MMR; Lousberg, NJHM; de With, G; Esteves, ACC; Xin, JH