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2010Ferromagnetic carbon-doped ZnO nanoneedlesLau, SP ; Herng, TS; Wei, CS; Tanemura, M
1-Aug-2010Formation of core/shell structured cobalt/carbon nanoparticles by pulsed laser ablation in tolueneKwong, HYA; Wong, MH; Leung, DCW ; Wong, YW; Wong, KH
2011Full X-Ku band microwave absorption by Fe(Mn)/Mn7C3/C core/shell/shell structured nanocapsulesLiu, X; Or, SW ; Ho, SL ; Cheung, CC; Leung, CM; Zheng, H; Geng, D; Zhang, Z
2013Graphitic carbon-nanoparticle-based single-label nanobeaconsZeng, L; Yuan, Y; Shen, P; Wong, KY ; Liu, Z
6-Jul-2009Magnetotransport properties of p-type carbon-doped ZnO thin filmsHerng, TS; Lau, SP ; Wang, L; Zhao, BC; Yu, SF; Tanemura, M; Akaike, A; Teng, KS
2016Modeling of direct carbon solid oxide fuel cell for CO and electricity cogenerationXu, H; Chen, B; Liu, J; Ni, M 
1-Apr-2012Observation of white-light amplified spontaneous emission from carbon nanodots under laser excitationZhang, WF; Tang, L; Yu, SF ; Lau, SP 
28-Sep-2009Stable ferromagnetism in p-type carbon-doped ZnO nanoneedlesHerng, TS; Lau, SP ; Wei, C; Wang, L; Zhao, BC; Tanemura, M; Akaike, Y
2014Synthesis, characterization and microwave absorption of carbon-coated Cu nanocapsulesSun, Y; Feng, C; Liu, X; Or, SW ; Jin, C
2014Synthesis, characterization and microwave dielectric properties of flower-like Co(OH)(2)/C nanocompositesFeng, C; Bi, NN; Liu, XG; Jin, CG; Huang, K; Xiao, F; Sun, YP; Or, SW 
2014Virtual prototyping for construction site Co2 emissions and hazard detectionWong, JKW ; Li, H ; Chan, G; Wang, H; Huang, T; Luo, E; Li, V