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Mar-2009Allocation and source attribution of lead and cadmium in maize (Zea mays L.) impacted by smelting emissionsBi, X; Feng, X; Yang, Y; Li, X ; Shin, GPY; Li, F; Qiu, G; Li, G; Liu, T; Fu, Z
2008Bioaccumulation of heavy metals by wild plants growing on copper mine spoils in ChinaXiao, WL; Luo, CL; Chen, YH; Shen, ZG; Li, XD 
2009Cadmium and other metal uptake by lobelia chinensis and solanum nigrum from contaminated soilsPeng, KJ; Luo, CL; Chen, YH; Wang, GP; Li, XD ; Shen, ZG
2008Endomorphin 1 effectively protects cadmium chloride-induced hepatic damage in miceGong, P; Chen, FX; Ma, GF; Feng, Y; Zhao, Q; Wang, R
2008Manganese uptake and interactions with cadmium in the hyperaccumulator-Phytolacca Americana L.Peng, K; Luo, C; You, W; Lian, C; Li, X ; Shen, Z
2005Metal-directed stereoselective syntheses of homochiral complexes of exo-bidentate binaphthol derivativesWang, R; Xu, L; Ji, J; Shi, Q; Li, Y; Zhou, Z; Hong, M; Chan, ASC
2004The role of spacers between carboxylate groups in self-assembly process : syntheses and characterizations ofTtwo Novel Cadmium(II) complexes derived from mixed ligandsWang, R; Hong, M; Yuan, D; Sun, Y; Xu, L; Luo, J; Cao, R; Chan, ASC
2004Syntheses and characterizations of metal-organic frameworks with unusual topologies derived from flexible dipyridyl ligandsWang, R; Han, L; Xu, L; Gong, Y; Zhou, Y; Hong, M; Chan, ASC
2006Vegetation composition and heavy metal uptake by wild plants at three contaminated sites in Xiangxi area, ChinaPeng, K; Li, X ; Luo, C; Shen, Z