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1996Batch scheduling and common due-date assignment on a single machineCheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY
2001Batch scheduling in the no-wait two-machine flowshop to minimize the makespanLin, BMT; Cheng, TCE 
2007Batch scheduling of deteriorating productsBarketau, MS; Cheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY; Ng, CTD 
16-Sep-2008Batch scheduling of deteriorating reworkablesBarketau, MS; Cheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY
Feb-2008Batch scheduling of step deteriorating jobsBarketau, MS; Cheng, TCE ; Ng, CTD ; Kotov, V; Kovalyov, MY
2003Batch scheduling with controllable setup and processing times to minimize total completion timeNg, CTD ; Cheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY
2007Batching and scheduling in a multi-machine flow shopNg, CT ; Kovalyov, MY
Jan-2004Batching in a two-stage flowshop with dedicated machines in the second stageCheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY; Chakhlevich, KN
Jan-2008The bounded single-machine parallel-batching scheduling problem with family jobs and release dates to minimize makespanNong, QQ; Ng, CTD ; Cheng, TCE 
2009The EOQ problem with decidable warehouse capacity: Analysis, solution approaches and applicationsNg, CT ; Cheng, TCE ; Kotov, V; Kovalyov, MY
1998An exact algorithm for batching and scheduling two part types in a mixed shop: A technical noteCheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY
2000Parallel machine batching and scheduling with deadlinesCheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY
2011Parallel-batch scheduling of deteriorating jobs with release dates to minimize the makespanLi, S; Ng, CT ; Cheng, TCE ; Yuan, J
2003Scheduling a single server in a two-machine flow shopCheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY
2006Single machine batch scheduling problem with family setup times and release dates to minimize makespanYuan, JJ; Liu, Z; Ng, CTD ; Cheng, TCE 
1995Single machine batch scheduling with deadlines and resource dependent processing timesCheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY
2004Single machine batch scheduling with jointly compressible setup and processing timesNg, DCT ; Cheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY
2001Single machine batch scheduling with resource dependent setup and processing timesCheng, TCE ; Janiak, A; Kovalyov, MY
Sep-2003The single machine batching problem with family setup times to minimize maximum lateness is strongly NP-hardCheng, TCE ; Ng, CTD ; Yuan, JJ
1996Single machine scheduling with batch deliveriesCheng, TCE ; Gordon, VS; Kovalyov, MY
2007Single machine serial-batching scheduling problem with a common batch size to minimize total weighted completion timeYuan, JJ; Lin, YX; Cheng, TCE ; Ng, CT 
2001Single Supplier Scheduling for Multiple DeliveriesCheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY
2014Single-machine batch delivery scheduling and common due-date assignment with a rate-modifying activityYin, Y; Cheng, TCE ; Wu, CC; Cheng, SR
14-Jun-2004The unbounded single machine parallel batch scheduling problem with family jobs and release dates to minimize makespanYuan, JJ; Liu, Z; Ng, CTD ; Cheng, TCE