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1-Jan-2007Effect of Al addition on the microstructure and electronic structure of HfO₂filmWang, XF; Li, Q; Egerton, RF; Lee, PF; Dai, J ; Hou, ZF; Gong, XG
12-May-2008Enhanced mechanical strength and ductility of metal-repaired defective carbon nanotubes : a density functional studyZheng, G ; Zhuang, HL
14-Jul-2003Linear cavity erbium-doped fiber laser with over 100 nm tuning rangeDong, X; Ngo, NQ; Shum, P; Tam, HY ; Dong, XY
1-May-2012Molecular beam epitaxy growth of high quality p-doped SnS van der Waals epitaxy on a graphene buffer layerWang, W; Leung, KK; Fong, WKP; Wang, SF; Hui, YY; Lau, SP ; Chen, Z; Shi, LJ; Cao, CB; Surya, C