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2012Monitoring of surface-fatigue crack propagation in a welded steel angle structure using guided waves and principal component analysisLu, MY; Qu, YW; Lu, Y; Ye, L; Zhou, LM ; Su, ZQ 
2005Motion and force control in high-performance variable reluctance finger gripperChan, Kin-chung Kenneth
2011Multi-dimensional switched reluctance motors for industrial applicationsPan, JF; Cheung, N 
2002A new type of direct-drive variable-reluctance actuators for industrial automationCheung, NC 
2006Niched genetic simulated annealing algorithm in the optimization design of a permanent magnetic actuator for a 40.5kV vacuum circuit breakerHo, SL ; Li, Y; Cui, H; Lo, E ; Yang, S; Wong, HCC; Wong, KF
2000Noise cancellation using piezoelectric actuators as control sourcesChong, Fan
2014Novel sulfonated polysulfone ion exchange membranes for ionic polymer-metal composite actuatorsTang, YJ; Xue, ZG; Zhou, XP; Xie, XL; Tang, CY 
2005A novel tunable mass damper based on giant magnetostrictive composite and piezoelectric ceramicLi, DY; Or, SW ; Yung, CS; Chan, HLW ; Choy, PK; Liu, PCK
2010Piezoelectric and dielectric characteristics of lead-free BNKLBT ceramic thick film and multilayered piezoelectric actuatorsChoy, SH; Jiang, XP; Kwok, KW ; Chan, HLW 
21-May-2002Shape memory alloy actuators for toy vehiclesZhou, L; Shiu, BW; Young, A
2011Study of art of automotive active suspensionsXue, XD; Cheng, KWE ; Zhang, Z; Lin, JK; Wang, DH; Bao, YJ; Wong, MK; Cheung, N 
2003Using variable-reluctance actuators in automated manufacturing machinesCheung, NC ; Pan, J