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2009Growth and characterization of Cu2ZnSnS4 nanostructures using anodized aluminum as the growth maskChan, CP; Chen, Z; Lam, H; Surya, C 
2012High quality SnS van der Waals epitaxies on graphene buffer layerWang, W; Leung, KK; Fong, WK; Wang, SF; Hui, YY; Lau, SPP; Surya, C 
2011Intestinal transport of bis(12)-hupyridone in caco-2 cells and its improved permeability by the surfactant Brij-35Yu, H; Hu, YQ; Ip, FCF; Zuo, Z; Han, YF ; Ip, NY
2001Intracavity absorption measurements based on a wavelength-tunable fiber laserZhang, M; Wang, DN ; Jin, W ; Demokan, MS
18-Dec-2008Mass concentrations of black carbon measured by four instruments in the middle of Central East China in June 2006Kanaya, Y; Komazaki, Y; Pochanart, P; Liu, Y; Akimoto, H; Gao, J; Wang, T ; Wang, Z
2012NIR diode laser-based QEPAS for acetylene detectionCao, Y; Jin, W ; Hoi, HL
2013Self-doped rutile titania with high performance for direct and ultrafast assay of H2O2Pan, SS; Lu, W; Zhao, YH; Tong, W; Li, M; Jin, LM; Choi, JY; Qi, F; Chen, SG; Fei, LF; Yu, SF
2002Sorption studies of acid dyes on chitosanWong, Yu-chiu
2012Structural health monitoring of wind turbine blade using fiber Bragg grating sensors and fiber optic rotary jointChen, Y; Ni, YQ ; Ye, XW; Yang, HX; Zhu, S