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4-Oct-2004The microprocesses of the quasicrystalline transformation in Zr₆₅ Ni₁₀ Cu₇.₅Al₇.₅Ag ₁₀ bulk metallic glassLiu, L; Chan, KC ; Pang, GKH
15-Oct-2009A quantitative link between microplastic instability and macroscopic deformation behaviors in metallic glassesWu, Y; Chen, GL; Hui, XD; Liu, CT; Lin, Y; Shang, XC; Lu, ZP
15-Dec-2010Correlation between primary phases and atomic clusters in a Zr-based metallic glassLiu, XJ; Chen, GL; Liu, CT
1-Sep-2012Hardness, yield strength, and plastic flow in thin film metallic-glassYe, JC; Chu, JP; Chen, YC; Wang, Q; Yang, Y