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Sep-1999Effective elastic properties for lower limb soft tissues from manual indentation experimentZheng, YP ; Mak, AFT
2001Determining Young's modulus of conductive thin films by a thermal bend beam testShen, W; Tang, CY ; Li, W; Peng, LH
2002Stress-strain strength characteristics of a marine soil with different clay contentsYin, JH 
9-Sep-2002Mechanical properties related to the relaxor-ferroelectric phase transition of titanium-doped lead magnesium niobateBao, P; Yan, F ; Li, W; Dai, YR; Shen, HM; Zhu, JS; Wang, Y; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
2004Determination of Young's modulus by nanoindentationMa, D; Ong, CW ; Liu, J; He, J
2005Estimation of Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio of soft tissue from indentation using two different-sized indentors : finite element analysis of the finite deformation effectChoi, APC; Zheng, YP 
2006Softness measurements for open-cell foam materials and human soft tissueYu, W ; Li, Y; Zheng, YP ; Lim, NY; Lu, MH; Fan, J
2006Size effect of AlN on the performance of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) material-brominated epoxy resinYung, KC ; Wu, J; Yue, TM ; Xie, CS
2009An instrumented indentation method for young's modulus measurement with accuracy estimationMa, D; Ong, CW ; Zhang, T
2010Assessment of local damages in box-girder bridges using measured dynamic responses by passing vehicleLu, ZR; Huang, M; Chen, WH; Liu, JK; Ni, YQ 
2011Cooling rate effect on Young's modulus and hardness of a Zr-based metallic glassLiu, ZY; Yang, Y; Guo, S; Liu, XJ; Lu, J; Liu, YH; Liu, CT
2011In-vitro strain and modulus measurements in porcine cervical lymph nodesYuen, QWH; Zheng, YP ; Huang, YP; He, JF; Cheung, JCW; Ying, M 
2013Effects of bone Young's modulus on finite element analysis in the lateral ankle biomechanicsNiu, WX; Wang, LJ; Feng, TN; Jiang, CH; Fan, YB; Zhang, M