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2000WWW + smart card: Towards a mobile health care management systemChan, ATS 
2002An intelligent information infrastructure to support knowledge discoveryLau, HCW; Ip, RWL; Chan, FTS 
2002Applying a mediator architecture employing XML to retailing inventory controlChan, S ; Dillon, T; Siu, A
2002Dynamic structuring of web information for access visualizationMak, JYS; Leong, HV ; Chan, ATS 
2003Bilingual legal document retrieval and management using XMLLuk, RWP ; T'sou, BKY; Lai, TBY; Kwong, OOY; Chik, FCY; Cheung, LYL
2003Exchanging STEP data through XML-based mediatorsChan, SC ; Dillon, T; Ng, VT 
2003Supply chain workflow modelling using XML-formatted modular petri netsFung, RYK; Au, YM; Jiang, ZB; Lau, HCW
2003Semantic-based approach to streaming XML contents using XstreamWong, EYC; Chan, ATS ; Leong, HV 
2004An intelligent information infrastructure to support the streamlining of integrated logistics workflowHo, GTS; Lau, HCW; Ip, WH ; Ning, A
2004Xstream : a middleware for streaming XML contents over wireless environmentsWong, EYC; Chan, ATS ; Leong, HV 
2004Prefetching web objects with inter-query relationshipsWang, SH; Ng, V 
2004Inode : an effective approach for storing XML using relational databaseLau, HK; Ng, V 
2004Supporting metasearch with XSLLuk, RWP ; Dillon, TS; Ng, VTY 
2004An information exchange system for supporting product developmentLee, CKM; Lau, HCW; Yu, KM 
2004Business-to-consumer and business-to-business Mobile AGent-based Internet Commerce System (MAGICS)Lam, PPY; Ye, L; Chan, HCB 
2005A generic model to support rapid product development : an XML schema approachLee, CKM; Lau, HCW; Yu, KM ; Ip, WH 
2005Towards access control for visual Web model managementSong, G; Zhang, K; Thuraisingham, B; Cao, J 
2006A hybrid intelligent system to enhance logistics workflow : an OLAP-based GA approachHo, GT; Lee, CKM; Lau, HC; Ip, AW 
2006Integrating XML and CORBA to support collaborative writing using off-the-shelf editing softwareHo, KS; Leong, HV ; Lam, W; Luk, RWP 
2007Probabilistic interval XMLHung, E; Getoor, L; Subrahmanian, VS
2011A time/space efficient XML filtering system for mobile environmentYu, X; Chan, ATS 
2013Alternatives to relational database : comparison of NoSQL and XML approaches for clinical data storageLee, KKY; Tang, WC; Choi, KS 
2013Hope : a fault-tolerant distributed pub/sub architecture for large-scale dynamic network environmentYu, X; Chan, ATS