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1996Structure of nanocrystalline powder and thin films of lead lanthanum titanate prepared by the sol-gel processZhou, Q; Chan, HLW ; Zhang, Q; Choy, CL
1998Chlorination of differentially ring-substituted titanocene complex by SO2Cl2\SOCl2 and X-ray structure of chlorinated product [C5H4C (C2H5) 2-C6H2-3-Cl-5-Cl-2-O] TiCl2Huang, J; Huang, Q; Qian, Y; Chan, ASC; Wong, W 
2000Effect of indium surfactant on the optical and structural properties of MBE-grown GaNFong, WK; Zhu, CF; Cheng, CC; Leung, BH; Surya, C ; Sundaravel, B; Luo, EZ; Xu, JB; Wilson, IH
15-Jan-2000Ion channeling studies on mixed phases formed in metalorganic chemical vapor deposition grown Mg-doped GaN on Al₂O₃(0001)Sundaravel, B; Luo, EZ; Xu, JB; Wilson, IH; Fong, WKP; Wang, LS; Surya, C 
15-Jul-2000Epitaxial and highly electrical conductive La₀.₅Sr₀.₅TiO₃films grown by pulsed laser deposition in vacuumWu, W; Lu, F; Wong, KH; Pang, GKH; Choy, CL; Zhang, YH
1-Nov-2000Piezoelectric coefficient of aluminum nitride and gallium nitrideLueng, CM; Chan, HLW ; Surya, C ; Choy, CL
2001Photoluminescence of rapid-thermal annealed Mg-doped GaN filmsWang, LS; Fong, WK; Surya, C ; Cheah, KW; Zheng, WH; Wang, ZG
2001Electrostriction of composites of polyurethane (PU) with ferroelectric lead zirconate titanate (PZT) ceramic particlesWong, YW; Liu, CX; Tai, LS; Shin, FG
15-Jun-2001Raman spectra and structural phase transition in nanocrystalline lead lanthanum titanateZhou, Q; Chan, HLW ; Zhang, Q; Choy, CL
30-Jul-2001Electrical and pyroelectric properties of in-plane polarized lead lanthanum titanate thin filmSong, ZT; Chong, N; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
3-Dec-2001X-ray diffraction and Raman scattering study of SrBi₂Ta₂O[sub 9] ceramics and thin films with Bi₃TiNbO[sub 9] additionZhu, JS; Qin, HX; Bao, ZH; Wang, Y; Cai, WY; Chen, PP; Lu, W; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
24-Dec-2001Photoluminescence of transparent strontium–barium–niobate-doped silica nanocompositesLu, SG; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH; Cheah, KW
2002Effects of Sr0.6Ba0.4Nb2O6 self-template layer on the structural properties of sol-gel derived Sr0.6Ba0.4Nb2O6 filmsLi, AD; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH; Ho, MMT; Tang, TB; Yeung, KM; Wu, D; Yang, SZ
2002Thickness-dependent structural characteristics of sol-gel-derived epitaxial (PbZr)TiO3 films using inorganic zirconium saltLi, AD; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH; Shao, QY; Wang, YJ; Wu, D; Ming, N
15-Mar-2002Microstructure and electric properties of lead lanthanum titanate thin film under transverse electric fieldsSong, ZT; Chan, HLW ; Ding, YP; Chong, N; Choy, CL
1-Apr-2002Development of 〈110〉 texture in copper thin filmsWei, HL; Huang, H; Woo, CH; Zheng, RK; Wen, GH; Zhang, XX
1-Oct-2002Optical studies of ZnS:Mn films grown by pulsed laser depositionYeung, KM; Tsang, WS; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH
2-Dec-2002Engineering kinetic barriers in copper metallizationHuang, H; Wei, HL; Woo, CH; Zhang, XX
2003Tensile deformation-induced phase transformation in cast Zn-Al-based alloy (ZnAl7Cu3)Zhu, YH; Lee, WB ; To, S 
2003Heteroepitaxial growth of high K dielectric thin films by pulsed laser depositionYu, WM; Wong, KH
2003Characterization of (1-x)[Bi12In0.5O18.75+γ-Bi2O 3]:(x)PbTiO3 ceramicsTai, CW; Baba-Kishi, KZ; Chan, HLW ; Shin, FG; Choy, CL
2003Simple technique for bulk quantity synthesis of ZnO tetrapod nanorodsRoy, VAL; Djurisic, AB; Li, Q; Xu, SJ; Lui, HF; Surya, C ; Gao, J
24-Feb-2003Kinetics-limited surface structures at the nanoscaleHuang, H; Woo, CH; Wei, HL; Zhang, XX
12-May-2003Ambient-temperature incorporated hydrogen in Nb:SrTiO₃ single crystalsDai, J ; Chen, WP; Pang, GKH; Lee, PF; Lam, HK; Wu, W; Chan, HLW 
16-Jun-2003Copper thin film of alternating texturesHuang, H; Wei, HL; Woo, CH; Zhang, XX
7-Jul-2003Luminescent and structural properties of ZnO nanorods prepared under different conditionsRoy, VAL; Djurišić, AB; Chan, WK; Gao, J; Lui, HF; Surya, C 
25-Aug-2003Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of epitaxially grown Pb(Mg₁/₃Nb₂/₃)O₃–PbTiO₃/MgO/TiN/Si heterostructuresTsang, WS; Chan, KY; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH
1-Sep-2003Optical studies of transparent ferroelectric strontium-barium niobate/silica nanocompositeLu, SG; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH
1-Nov-2003Structural evolution and dielectric relaxation behavior of electron-irradiated poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) 80/20 mol% copolymersGuo, S; Lau, ST; Chan, HLW ; Zhao, X; Choy, CL
2004On nanophase stability in eutectoid Zn-Al based alloy filmsZhu, YH; Lee, WB ; Chung, CY; To, S 
2004The role of spacers between carboxylate groups in self-assembly process : syntheses and characterizations ofTtwo Novel Cadmium(II) complexes derived from mixed ligandsWang, R; Hong, M; Yuan, D; Sun, Y; Xu, L; Luo, J; Cao, R; Chan, ASC
2004Syntheses and characterizations of metal-organic frameworks with unusual topologies derived from flexible dipyridyl ligandsWang, R; Han, L; Xu, L; Gong, Y; Zhou, Y; Hong, M; Chan, ASC
2-Feb-2004Magnetic properties of Mn doped ZnO tetrapod structuresRoy, VAL; Djurišić, AB; Liu, H; Zhang, XX; Leung, YH; Xie, MH; Gao, J; Lui, HF; Surya, C 
14-May-2004Water-induced degradation in 0.91Pb(Zn[sub ⅓]Nb[sub ⅔])O₃-0.09PbTiO₃ single crystalsChen, WP; Qi, J; Wang, Y ; Jiang, XP; Chan, HLW 
15-May-2004Mn and Sm doped lead titanate ceramic fibers and fiber/epoxy 13 compositesLi, K; Pang, GKH; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Li, J
Jul-2004Spin orientation and spontaneous magnetostriction of multicomponent Tb[sub x]Dy[sub 1-x-y]Pr[sub y](Fe[sub 0.9]B[sub 0.1])[sub 1.93] Laves phasesRen, WJ; Or, DSW ; Chan, HLW ; Li, WF; Zhao, XG; Song, XP; Zhang, ZD
5-Jul-2004Electromechanical and ferroelectric properties of (Bi[sub ½]Na[sub ½])TiO₃-(Bi[sub ½]K[sub ½])TiO₃-BaTiO₃ lead-free piezoelectric ceramicsWang, XX; Tang, XG; Chan, HLW 
1-Nov-2004Synthesis and piezoresponse of highly ordered Pb(Zr₀.₅₃Ti₀.₄₇)O₃ nanowire arraysZhang, XY; Zhao, X; Lai, CW; Wang, J; Tang, X; Dai, J 
15-Nov-2004Microwave characterization of (Pb,La)TiO₃ thin films integrated on ZrO₂/SiO₂/Si wafers by sol-gel techniquesSong, ZT; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Feng, SL
1-Dec-2004Dielectric properties of barium titanate ceramics doped by B₂O₃ vaporQi, J; Chen, WP; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW ; Li, L
2005Study of solid-state reaction of CaCO3 and RuO2 and fabrication of pseudocubic epitaxial thin films by e-beam evaporationTian, HY; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL ; Kim, YS; No, KS
2005Effects of substrate temperature and film thickness on the structural behavior of pulsed laser deposited Pb(Mg1/3 Nb2/3)O 3-PbTiO3(65/35) epitaxial thin filmsCheng, KC; Chan, HLW ; Wong, KH
2005An intriguing reaction of 4-hydroxycoumarins with 2,3-dichloro-5,6- dicyanobenzoquinoneZhang, SL; An, LK; Huang, ZS; Ma, L; Li, YM; Chan, ASC; Gu, LQ
2005Synthesis of antimony oxide nano-particles by thermal oxidationXu, CH; Shi, SQ ; Tang, Q
14-Feb-2005Correlation between domain evolution and asymmetric switching in epitaxial Pb(Zr₀.₅₂Ti₀.₄₈)O₃ thin filmsWu, W; Wong, KH; Pang, GKH; Choy, CL
14-Apr-2005Microstructure of compositionally-graded (Ba[sub 1-x]Sr[sub x])TiO₃ thin films epitaxially grown on La[sub 0.5]Sr[sub 0.5]CoO₃-covered (100) LaAlO₃ substrates by pulsed laser depositionZhu, X ; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Wong, KH; Hesse, D
28-Apr-2005Dielectric behavior and microstructure of (Bi[sub ½]Na[sub ½])TiO₃-(Bi[sub ½]K[sub ½])TiO₃-BaTiO₃ lead-free piezoelectric ceramicsWang, XX; Choy, SH; Tang, X; Chan, HLW 
17-May-2005Enhanced in-plane ferroelectricity in Ba[sub 0.7]Sr[sub 0.3]TiO₃ thin films grown on MgO (001) single-crystal substrateWang, D; Wang, Y ; Zhou, X; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
15-Jul-2005Optical properties of ferroelectric nanocrystal-containing polymer BaTiO₃/polycarbonate filmsLiu, WC; Li, AD; Tan, J; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH; Wu, D; Ming, N
3-Oct-2005Synthesis and ferroelectric properties of multiferroic BiFeO₃ nanotube arraysZhang, XY; Lai, CW; Zhao, X; Wang, DY; Dai, J 
26-Oct-2005Effects of Ca doping on the Curie temperature, structural, dielectric, and elastic properties of Ba[sub 0.4]Sr[sub 0.6-x]Ca[sub x]TiO₃ (0≤x≤0.3) perovskitesZheng, RK; Wang, J; Tang, X; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Li, XG
2006Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic activity of in situ Fe-doped TiO2 thin filmsYu, J; Yu, H; Ao, CH; Lee, SC ; Yu, JC; Ho, W
2006Fabrication, characterization and photocatalytic activity of preferentially oriented TiO2 filmsLee, SC ; Yu, H; Yu, J; Ao, CH
2006Effect of shot peening and grit blasting on surface integrity : influence on residual stressesTosha, K; Lu, J
25-Apr-2006Dielectric and tunable properties of K-doped Ba[sub 0.6]Sr[sub 0.4]TiO₃ thin films fabricated by sol-gel methodSun, X; Zhu, B; Liu, T; Li, M; Zhao, X; Wang, D; Sun, C; Chan, HLW 
15-Jul-2006Multiferroicity in polarized single-phase Bi₀.₈₇₅Sm₀.₁₂₅FeO₃ceramicsYuan, GL; Or, DSW 
31-Jul-2006Structural transformation and ferroelectromagnetic behavior in single-phase Bi[sub 1-x]Nd[sub x]FeO₃multiferroic ceramicsYuan, GL; Or, DSW ; Liu, J; Liu, ZG
3-Oct-2006Dielectric properties and abnormal C-V characteristics of Ba[sub 0.5]Sr[sub 0.5]TiO₃-Bi[sub 1.5]ZnNb[sub 1.5]O[sub 7] composite thin films grown on MgO (001) substrates by pulsed laser depositionTian, H; Wang, Y ; Wang, D; Miao, J; Qi, J; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
15-Oct-2006Spectroellipsometric studies of sol-gel derived Sr₀.₆Ba₀.₄Nb₂O₆filmsHo, MMT; Tang, TB; Mak, CL ; Pang, GKH; Chan, KY; Wong, KH
7-Dec-2006Microstructure and enhanced in-plane ferroelectricity of Ba[sub 0.7]Sr[sub 0.3]TiO₃ thin films grown on MgAl₂O₄ (001) single-crystal substrateZhou, X; Heindl, T; Pang, GKH; Miao, J; Zheng, RK; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Wang, Y 
25-Dec-2006Strain distribution in epitaxial SrTiO₃thin filmsZhai, ZY; Wu, XS; Jiang, ZS; Hao, JH ; Gao, J; Cai, YF; Pan, YG
2007Preparation and characterization of hafnium doped barium titanate ceramicsTian, HY; Wang, Y ; Miao, J; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2007A polyethylene glycol-assisted route to synthesize Pb(Ni1/3Nb2/3)O3-PbTiO3with improved electric propertiesYe, Y; Yu, SH; Huang, HT ; Zhou, LM 
2007Preparation and capacitance behavior of nickel oxide-titania nanocompositeXie, YB; Huang, CJ; Zhou, LM ; Lu, J; Huang, HT 
3-Jan-2007Epitaxial growth of SrTiO₃ thin film on Si by laser molecular beam epitaxyZhou, X; Miao, J; Dai, J ; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Wang, Y ; Li, Q
17-Jan-2007Converse piezoelectric control of the lattice strain and resistance in Pr[sub 0.5]Ca[sub 0.5]MnO₃/PMN-PT structuresZheng, RK; Chao, C; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Luo, H
16-Mar-2007Raman scattering spectra and ferroelectric properties of Bi[sub 1-x]Nd[sub x]FeO₃ (x=0-0.2) multiferroic ceramicsYuan, GL; Or, DSW ; Chan, HLW 
1-Apr-2007Structure and electrical properties of K₀.₅Na₀.₅NbO₃-LiSbO₃lead-free piezoelectric ceramicsLin, D; Kwok, KW ; Lam, KH; Chan, HLW 
2-Apr-2007ZnO-based film bulk acoustic resonator for high sensitivity biosensor applicationsYan, Z; Zhou, XY; Pang, GKH; Zhang, T; Liu, WL; Cheng, JG; Song, ZT; Feng, SL; Lai, LH; Chen, JZ; Wang, Y 
15-Apr-2007Microstructure and dielectric relaxor properties for Ba₀.₅Sr₀. ₅TiO₃/La₀.₆₇Sr₀.₃₃MnO₃heterostructureMiao, J; Tian, H; Zhou, X; Pang, GKH; Wang, Y 
17-Apr-2007Fine-grained BaZr[sub 0.2]Ti[sub 0.8]O₃ thin films for tunable device applicationsYing, Z; Yun, P; Wang, D; Zhou, X; Song, ZT; Feng, SL; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW 
19-Jun-2007Fabrication and characterization of Ni/P(VDF-TrFE) nanoscaled coaxial cablesSun, C; Lam, KH; Chao, C; Lau, ST; Chan, HLW ; Guo, S; Zhao, X
20-Aug-2007Processing and properties of Yb-doped BiFeO₃ceramicsYan, Z; Wang, K; Qu, JF; Wang, Y ; Song, ZT; Feng, SL
24-Sep-2007Improvement of laser molecular beam epitaxy grown SrTiO₃ thin film properties by temperature gradient modulation growthLi, JL; Hao, JH ; Li, YR
2008X-ray diffraction study of bamboo fibers treated with NaOHLiu, Y; Hu, H 
14-Jan-2008Magnetoelectric coupling in CoFe₂O₄/SrRuO₃/Pb(Zr[sub 0.52]Ti[sub 0.48])O₃ heteroepitaxial thin film structureZhang, JX; Dai, J ; Chow, CK; Sun, C; Lo, VC; Chan, HLW 
28-Feb-2008Substrate-induced strain effect in La[sub 0.875]Ba[sub 0.125]MnO₃ thin films grown on ferroelectric single-crystal substratesZheng, RK; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Luo, H
6-Jun-2008Piezoresponse and ferroelectric properties of lead-free [Bi[sub 0.5](Na[sub 0.7]K[sub 0.2]Li[sub 0.1])[sub 0.5]]TiO₃ thin films by pulsed laser depositionWang, D; Lin, D; Wong, KS; Kwok, KW ; Dai, J ; Chan, HLW 
2009Influence of oxygen partial pressure on the structural and dielectric properties of Ba(Zr0.3Ti0.7)O3 thin films grown on (LaAlO3)0.3(Sr2AlTaO6)0.35 (001) using pulsed laser depositionWang, DY; Yun, P; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2009Morphology and growth of electrodeposited cuprous oxide under different values of direct current densityHu, F; Chan, KC ; Yue, TM