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1993E-union : concept and framework of open B2B e-trading marketplacesCao, J ; Fong, T; Li, H; Wang, X
2000WWW + smart card: Towards a mobile health care management systemChan, ATS 
2001A stage-activity process model facilitating workflow management for web publishingCao, J ; Chan, C; Chan, KCC 
2002Interactive web-based package for computer-aided Learning of structural behaviorYuan, XF; Teng, JG 
2002The design of an enterprise information system using Hierarchical Design Pyramid and Web-based Object Oriented ModelNg, Kit-chong
May-2002Enabling distributed Corba access to smart card applicationsChan, ATS ; Tse, F; Cao, J ; Leong, HV 
2003Development of a web- based enterprise collaborative platform for networked enterprisesLee, WB ; Cheung, CF ; Lau, HC; Choy, KL 
2003Architecting and implementing distributed Web applications using the graph-oriented approachCao, J ; Ma, X; Chan, ATS ; Lu, J
2003The adoption of web-based training (WBT) by Hong Kong organizations : a development and test of an integrated modelChan, Chi-hong Simon
2004Developing a web-based flood forecasting system for reservoirs with J2EECheng, CT; Chau, KW ; Li, XY; Li, G
Mar-2004Actively deployable mobile services for adaptive web accessChuang, SN; Chan, ATS ; Cao, J ; Cheung, R
2006The development of programmatic algorithms for on-demand map editing for Internet users with GML and SVGCheung, Kai-ling
2009Preprocessing frameworks for threaded discussion analysis by graphical probabilistic modelingSze, Chun-ming Donahue