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2002Field measurements of SOD and sediment nutrient fluxes in a land-locked embayment in Hong KongChau, KW 
Sep-2002Two-layered, 2D unsteady eutrophication model in boundary-fitted coordinate systemChau, KW ; Jin, H
2003Water quality management in the estuary of Pearl River and Hong Kong's coastal waters based on SeaWiFs, Landsat TM sensor data and in situ water quality sampling dataChen, X; Li, YS; Liu, Z; Li, Z ; Wai, WHO; King, B 
2003Sediment-toxic substance interaction modellingWan, Yiu-por
Mar-2003Manipulation of numerical coastal flow and water quality modelsChau, KW 
Sep-2003Simulation of transboundary pollutant transport action in the Pearl River deltaChau, KW ; Jiang, YW
2005Algal bloom prediction with particle swarm optimization algorithmChau, KW 
2006Development of an integrated knowledge-based system on flow and water quality in Hong Kong coastal watersChau, KW 
2007Development of a GIS for managing dynamic, 3D coastal information of Pearl River EstuaryNg, SMY; Wai, OWH ; Xu, ZH; Li, YS; Chen, HL; Li, ZL
2007Microbiological drinking water quality in a highrise office building of Hong KongChan, WY; Wong, LT ; Mui, KW 
2008Modeling water quality using Terra/MODIS 500m satellite imagesWong, MS ; Nichol, JE ; Lee, KH; Emerson, N
2009A mosaic community of macrophytes for the ecological remediation of eutrophic shallow lakesWang, GX; Zhang, LM; Chua, H; Li, XD ; Xia, MF; Pu, PM
2013Lignite-derived humic substances for treatment of acid mine drainageOlds, WE; Tsang, DCW ; Weber, PA
2014Sampling at mesoscale physical habitats to explain headwater stream water quality variations : its comparison to equal-spaced sampling under seasonal and rainfall aided flushing statesGomes, PIA; Wai, OWH 
2014Assessment of river water quality based on theory of variable fuzzy sets and fuzzy binary comparison methodWang, WC; Xu, DM; Chau, KW ; Lei, GJ
2015In-Stream physical heterogeneity, rainfall aided flushing, and discharge on stream water qualityGomes, PIA; Wai, OWH 
2015Combining Landsat TM/ETM+ and HJ-1 A/B CCD Sensors for Monitoring Coastal Water Quality in Hong KongNazeer, M; Nichol, JE 
2016Development and application of a remote sensing-based Chlorophyll-a concentration prediction model for complex coastal waters of Hong KongNazeer, M; Nichol, JE