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Jan-2000Calibration of zenith hydrostatic delay model for local GPS applicationsLiu, Y; Iz, HB ; Chen, YQ 
2003Ultrasonic measurement of articular cartilage swelling : preliminary resultsZheng, YP ; Shi, J; Patil, SG; Qin, L; Mak, AFT
2003Butyltins in sediments and biota from the Pearl River Delta, South ChinaZhang, G; Yan, J; Fu, JM; Parker, A; Li, XD ; Wang, ZS
2003Water-induced DC and AC degradations in TiO2-based ceramic capacitorsChen, WP; Wang, Y ; Wang, XX; Wang, J; Chan, HLW 
2003Degradation mechanism of ZnO ceramic varistors studied by electrochemical hydrogen chargingChen, WP; Wang, Y ; Peng, Z; Chan, HLW 
2004Degradation of ZnO ceramic varistors induced by water and AC voltagesChen, WP; Chan, HLW 
14-May-2004Water-induced degradation in 0.91Pb(Zn[sub ⅓]Nb[sub ⅔])O₃-0.09PbTiO₃ single crystalsChen, WP; Qi, J; Wang, Y ; Jiang, XP; Chan, HLW 
2005Determination of domestic flushing water consumption in Hong KongWong, LT ; Mui, KW 
2006Fluid dynamics around an inclined cylinder with running water rivulets.Alam, MM; Zhou, Y
2007Condensate retention on a louver-fin-and-tube air cooling coilXu, X; Leung, C ; Chan, M ; Deng, S 
2007Degradation of lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric ceramics induced by water and AC voltagesXiang, W; Chen, W; You, W; Chan, HLW ; Li, L
2007Mixture of poly(ethylene glycol) and water as environmentally friendly media for efficient enantioselective transfer hydrogenation and catalyst recyclingZhou, HF; Fan, QH; Huang, YY; Wu, L; He, YM; Tang, WJ; Gu, LQ; Chan, ASC
Feb-2007Determination of selected antibiotics in the Victoria Harbour and the Pearl River, South China using high-performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometryXu, WH; Zhang, G; Zou, SC; Li, X ; Liu, YC
2008Characterization of pore systems of air/water-cured concrete using ground penetrating radar (GPR) through continuous water injectionLai, WL; Tsang, WF 
2009Hong Kong hotels' sewage : environmental cost and saving techniqueChan, W ; Wong, K; Lo, J
2009Water-induced degradation in (Bi 1/2Na 1/2)TiO 3 lead-free ceramicsGu, YH; Chen, WP; Qi, JQ; Tian, HY; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW 
2009Guided-wave-based detections of weld and crack in steel platesLu, MY; Lu, X; Zhou, LM ; Su, Z ; Ye, L
Dec-2011Risk factors of public-private partnership projects in China : comparison between the water, power, and transportation sectorsCheung, E; Chan, APC 
7-May-2012Controllable transport of water through nanochannel by rachet-like mechanismLu, H; Nie, X; Wu, F; Zhou, X; Kou, J; Xu, Y; Liu, Y 
2013The distribution and partitioning of common antibiotics in water and sediment of the Pearl River Estuary, South ChinaLiang, X; Chen, B; Nie, X; Shi, Z; Huang, X; Li, X 
2014A general suzuki-miyaura coupling of aryl chlorides with potassium aryltrifluoroborates in water catalyzed by an efficient cpcy phendole-phos-palladium complexYuen, OY; Wong, SM; Chan, KF ; So, CM; Kwong, FY 
2014Iron-catalyzed S-arylation of Benzothiazole with Aryl Iodides under aqueous medium : facile synthesis of Aryl(2-aminoaryl) SulfidesLee, HW; Yung, KF ; Kwong, FY 
2015Influence of rice growth on the fate of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a subtropical paddy field : a life cycle studyWang, Y; Wang, S; Luo, C; Xu, Y; Pan, S; Li, J; Ming, L; Zhang, G; Li, X