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Nov-2000Longitudinal and spanwise vortical structures in a turbulent near wakeZhang, HJ; Zhou, Y; Antonia, RA
Dec-2001Effect of unequal cylinder spacing on vortex streets behind three side-by-side cylindersZhang, HJ; Zhou, Y
2002Wavelet analysis of memory effects on turbulence structures in a far wakeLi, H; Zhou, Y; Takei, M; Saito, Y; Horii, K
2003Wavelet analysis of reynolds number effect on 3-D vorticity in a turbulent near wakeYiu, MW; Li, H; Zhou, Y
Jun-2003Interference between stationary and vibrating cylinder wakesLai, WC; Zhou, Y; So, RMC; Wang, T
2004Fluctuating temperature measurements on a heated cylinder placed in a cylinder near-wakeWang, ZJ; Zhou, Y; Wang, XW; Jin, W 
2006The wake of two staggered circular cylindersHu, JC; Zhou, Y; Wang, HF
9-Mar-2006Wavelet multiresolution analysis of the three vorticity components in a turbulent far wakeZhou, T; Rinoshika, A; Hao, Z; Zhou, Y; Chua, LP
21-Jun-2006Effect of initial conditions on interaction between a boundary layer and a wall-mounted finite-length-cylinder wakeWang, HF; Zhou, Y; Chan, CK ; Lam, KS 
29-Nov-2006Comparisons between different approximations to energy dissipation rate in a self-preserving far wakeZhou, T; Hao, Z; Chua, LP; Zhou, Y
22-Sep-2008Alternative drag coefficient in the wake of an isolated bluff bodyAlam, MM; Zhou, Y
27-Oct-2008Lattice-Boltzmann simulation of two-dimensional flow over two vibrating side-by-side circular cylindersXu, Y; Liu, Y ; Xia, Y; Wu, F
Apr-2009Reynolds number effects on wavelet components of self-preserving turbulent structuresRinoshika, A; Zhou, Y
Dec-2009Reynolds number effect on the wake of two staggered cylindersZhou, Y; Feng, SX; Alam, MM; Bai, HL
Jan-2010Three-dimensional vorticity measurements in the wake of a yawed circular cylinderZhou, T; Wang, H; Razali, SFM; Zhou, Y; Cheng, L