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2003Continuation power flow with the second order terms retainedZong, X H; Wang, K W; Yang, W H; Tse, C T
2004Available transfer capability evaluation of inter-connected power system with the incorporation of dynamic voltage stability constraintsCheng, Y; Chung, TS; Chung, CY; Yu, CW
2006Dynamic voltage stability constrained ATC calculation by a QSS approachCheng, Y; Chung, TS; Chung, CY; Yu, CW
2009Auto-disturbance-rejection controller for SVC to enhance wind farm voltage stabilityHuang, H; Yang, J; Chung, CY 
2013Determination and enhancement of probabilistic stability margin with load uncertaintiesZhang, JF; Tse, CT; Wang, KW; Bian, XY; Wong, KP; Ho, SL ; Lock, FS