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1998Use of visual simulation in construction technology educationLi, H ; Love, PED
2001EM wave simulation : an animated electromagnetic wave teaching packageLeung, WK; Chen, Y; Lee, YS
2002Dynamic structuring of web information for access visualizationMak, JYS; Leong, HV ; Chan, ATS 
2003Supporting creative configuration design in a computer-aided design environmentLiu, H; Liu, X; Tang, M ; Frazer, JH
2003Visualization and genetic algorithms in Minimax Theory for nonlinear functionalLiu, X; Frazer, J; Tang, MX 
2004Supporting creative design in a visual evolutionary computing environmentLiu, H; Tang, M ; Frazer, JH
2005QTPV data model and algorithm and its application to geological exploration engineeringCheng, P; Shi, W ; Gong, J; Zhou, G
2005An integrated TIN and Grid method for constructing multi-resolution digital terrain modelsYang, B; Shi, W ; Li, Q
1-Apr-2005Transferring color between three-dimensional objectsShen, HL; Xin, JH 
Aug-20054D dynamic construction management and visualization software : 1. DevelopmentChau, KW ; Anson, M; Zhang, JP
2006A satellite-remote-sensing-based marine and atmospheric spatio-temporal data modelFang, C; Lin, H; Guilbert, E; Chen, G
2008Wireless tracking analysis in location fingerprintingChan, CLE; Baciu, G ; Mak, SC
2009Integration of four-dimensional computer-aided design modeling and three-dimensional animation of operations simulation for visualizing construction of the main stadium for the Beijing 2008 Olympic gamesLu, M; Zhang, Y; Zhang, J; Hu, Z; Li, J
2009iWISE, an intelligent web interactive summarization engineFung, CC; Thanadechteemapat, W.; Wong, KP
4-Jun-2009Modeling of aerosol vertical profiles using GIS and remote sensingWong, MS ; Nichol, JE ; Lee, KH
2010Visualization of textile surface roughness based on silhouette image analysisXin, B; Hu, J ; Baciu, G 
2011The imagery vividness and preferences of older people : implications for visualization in concept designSiu, KWM ; Ng, AWY; Chan, CCH 
2012Numericalization of the self adaptive spectral rotation method for coding region predictionChen, B; Ji, P 
2012Development of dynamic three-dimensional coastal information system : a case study in Hong KongChen, BY; Lu, J; Wai, OWH ; Chen, X
2012Visual query processing for efficient image retrieval using a SOM-based filter-refinement schemeYu, Z; Wong, HS; You, J ; Han, G
2012Analysis of airborne particulate matter (pm₂.₅) over Hong Kong using remote sensing and GISShi, W ; Wong, MS ; Wang, J; Zhao, Y
2013Application of schlieren photography to study neutral plane in a compartment fire with scale modelsSu, CH; Ke, YP; Chow, WK ; Hsu, MC
2016Featuring, detecting, and visualizing human sentiment in Chinese micro-blogYu, Z; Wang, Z ; Chen, L; Guo, B; Li, W