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2001Effect of gold ion doping on the photo-catalytic properties and photo-activity of TiO2Li, FB; Li, XT; Li, XJ; Wan, HF
2005Photocatalytic activity of neodymium ion doped TiO?for 2- Mercaptobenzothiazole degradation under visible light irradiationLi, FB; Li, XZ; Cheah, KW
2005Photocatalytic degradation of X-3B dye by visible light using lanthanide ion modified titanium dioxide hydrosol systemXie, Y; Yuan, C; Li, X
10-May-2005Enhanced photocatalytic activity of Ce??-TiO?for 2-mercaptobenzothiazole degradation in aqueous suspension for odour controlLi, FB; Li, XZ; Hou, MF; Cheah, KW; Choy, WCH
2006Low-temperature hydrothermal synthesis of S-doped TiO2 with visible light photocatalytic activityHo, W; Yu, JC; Lee, S 
2010Advanced visible-light-driven self-cleaning cotton by Au/TiO 2/SiO2 photocatalystsWang, R; Wang, X; Xin, JH 
2011Enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity of novel Pt/C-doped TiO 2/PtCl 4 three-component nanojunction system for degradation of toluene in airDong, F; Wang, H; Sen, G; Wu, Z; Lee, SC 
2011Rose-like monodisperse bismuth subcarbonate hierarchical hollow microspheres : one-pot template-free fabrication and excellent visible light photocatalytic activity and photochemical stability for NO removal in indoor airDong, F; Lee, SC ; Wu, Z; Huang, Y; Fu, M; Ho, WK; Zou, S; Wang, B
2012Room temperature synthesis and highly enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity of porous BiOI/BiOCl composites nanoplates microflowersDong, F; Sun, Y; Fu, M; Wu, Z; Lee, SC 
2013The photocatalyic degradation and modeling of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid by bismuth tungstate/peroxidePei, CC; Chu, W 
2014Photocatalytic treatment of 2,4,6-trinitotoluene in red water by multi-doped TiO2 with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activityZhang, Y; Cheng, K; Lv, F; Huang, H; Fei, B ; He, Y; Ye, Z; Shen, B
Sep-2014Microfluidic reactors for visible-light photocatalytic water purification assisted with thermolysisWang, N; Tan, F; Wan, L; Wu, M; Zhang, X