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1997Typical meteorological year for building energy simulation in Hong KongChow, WK ; Fong, SK
1999Virtual 3D sculpturingWong, Pui-yee Janis
2001A personal profiling approach for caching and prefetching in distributed virtual environmentChim, Ho-pan Jimmy
2001Problems of participation and connection : a problem of context?Frazer, JH; Tang, MX ; Gu, N
2001Applications of virtual manufacturing in materials processingLee, WB ; Cheung, CF ; Li, JG
2002VDAS: A virtual design and assembly system in a virtual reality environmentJi, P ; Choi, ACK; Tu, L
2002Object-oriented clusters - a proposal for a new parallel processing paradigmWong, KW; H,; Fischer, T
2003Server architectures for interactive multimedia applicationsLi, F; Chan, S; Li, Q; Lau, R
2003Simulation modelling in virtual manufacturing analysis for integrated product and process designChan, DSK
2003Virtual experiment of innovative construction operationsLi, H ; Ma, Z; Shen, Q ; Kong, S
2005用GIS与虚拟现实技术模拟火灾过程——应用和展望Zou, L; Shi, W ; Ren, AZ
2005Evaluation of a computer-assisted, 2-D virtual reality system for training people with intellectual disabilities on how to shopTam, SF; Man, DWK ; Chan, YP; Sze, PC; Wong, CM
2006Virtual reality training for stroke rehabilitationLam, YS; Man, DWK ; Tam, SF; Weiss, PL
Apr-2007Application of a virtual reality prototype for pain relief of pediatric burn in TaiwanChan, EA ; Chung, J; Wong, TKS; Lien, ASY; Yang, JY
2008Design ideologies of interactive space in digital cultureMak, Ho-yin
2009Analytical approach to augmenting site photos with 3D as-built bored pile modelsLu, M; Dai, F
2009Virtual reality (VR)-based community living skills training for people with acquired brain injury : a pilot studyYip, BCB; Man, DWK 
Nov-2009A virtual training simulator for learning cataract surgery with phacoemulsificationChoi, KS ; Soo, S; Chung, FLK 
2010Toward realistic virtual surgical simulation : using heuristically parameterized anisotropic mass-spring model to simulate tissue mechanical responsesChoi, KS 
2010A rehabilitation method with visual and haptic guidance for children with upper extremity disabilityChoi, KS ; Chow, CM; Lo, KH
Apr-2010Mediating media studies : stimulating critical awareness in a virtual environmentHerold, DK 
2011A hand rehabilitation system with force feedback for children with cerebral palsy : two case studiesChoi, KS ; Lo, KH
2011Haptic rendering in interactive applications developed with commodity physics engineChoi, KS ; Chan, LS; Qin, J; Pang, WM
2011Mirror of the future : applying virtual technologies to fashion business & educationLau, KW 
2012A study of students' learning experiences in creativity training in design education : an empirical research in virtual realityLau, KW 
2012A user pre‐occupancy evaluation method for facilitating the designer‐client communicationShen, W; Shen, Q ; Zhang, XL
2012Multiuser virtual safety training system for tower crane dismantlementLi, H ; Chan, G; Skitmore, M
2012Visualizing safety assessment by integrating the use of game technologyLi, H ; Chan, G; Skitmore, M
2013The user pre-occupancy evaluation method in designer-client communication in early design stage : a case studyShen, W; Zhang, X; Shen, GQ ; Fernando, T
2013How consumers shop in virtual reality? How it works?Lau, HF; Kan, CW ; Lau, KW 
2013A virtual reality-based vocational training system (VRVTS) for people with schizophrenia in vocational rehabilitationTsang, MMY; Man, DWK 
2013Virtual reality for the built environment : a critical review of recent advancesKim, MJ; Wang, X; Love, PED; Li, H ; Kang, SC
2013The effectiveness of artificial intelligent 3-D virtual reality vocational problem-solving training in enhancing employment opportunities for people with traumatic brain injuryMan, DWK ; Poon, WS; Lam, C
2013Virtual reality-based prospective memory training program for people with acquired brain injuryYip, BC; Man, DW 
2014Evaluation of a virtual reality prospective memory task for use with individuals with severe traumatic brain injuryCanty, AL; Fleming, J; Patterson, F; Green, HJ; Man, D ; Shum, DHK
2014A virtual reality training system for helping disabled children to acquire skills in activities of daily livingChoi, KS ; Lo, KH
2015A virtual reality based simulator for learning nasogastric tube placementChoi, KS ; He, X; Chiang, VCL ; Deng, Z
2015The use of virtual reality for creating unusual environmental stimulation to motivate students to explore creative ideasLau, KW ; Lee, PY 
2015Continuous collision detection for deformable objects using permissible clustersWong, SK; Baciu, G 
2015Organizational learning goes virtual? : a study of employees’ learning achievement in stereoscopic 3D virtual realityLau, KW