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2001Techniques for low bit-rate video codingWong, Kwok-wai
2001Region-based object tracking for multipoint video conferencing using wavelet transformFung, KT; Law, NFB ; Siu, WC 
2001Efficient implementation of motion-compensated video compression and its application in multimedia communicationsNing, Ching-kei Charles
2002Enhancing techniques for a standard conforming real-time video codecLai, Kam-cheong
2002Content-based and temporal-scalable video codingHo, Kai-hong
2002Fast global motion estimation for sprite generationCheung, HK; Siu, WC 
Feb-2004Low-complexity and high-quality frame-skipping transcoder for continuous presence multipoint video conferencingFung, KT; Chan, YL ; Siu, WC 
2005Efficient techniques for video rate controlLo, Kam-fai
2005Techniques and algorithms for video transcodingFung, Kai-tat
2005Efficient algorithms for human face modelingChow, Tze-yin
2006New results on exhaustive search algorithm for motion estimation using adaptive partial distortion search and successive elimination algorithmChiu, MY; Siu, WC 
2007New hybrid coding for video sequencesWong, Kai-yin
2007Error resilient support in video proxy over wireless channelsCheung, Hoi-kin
2010Super-resolution videos and their application to high definition TVWong, Chi-shing
2010Adaptive integer kernels and dyadic approximation error analysis for state-of-the-art video codecsWang, Qiuwei
2012Content dependent effect of H.264/AVC video compression on CT image qualityChan, LWC ; So, D; Shiu, Y; Sin, D; Chan, B; Chan, T
2015A novel H.264-supported approach for detecting and classifying hepatic lesions in computed tomographic imagesChan, LW ; Lai, YM ; Chan, T