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1998Highly efficient and accurate buffeting analysis of complex structuresSun, DK; Zhi, H; Zhang, WS; Lin, JH; Xu, YL ; Ko, JM 
2000An investigation of cutting dynamics in single point diamond turningCheung, CF ; Lee, WB 
2001Determination of dynamic flexural and shear moduli of thick composite beams using natural frequenciesIp, KH; Tse, PC
May-2001A standing wave-type noncontact linear ultrasonic motorHu, J; Li, G; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
2002Dynamic stability of a curved beam under sinusoidal loadingPoon, WY; Ng, CF; Lee, YY
2002Prediction of the effect of tool interference on surface generation in single-point diamond turningCheung, CF ; Lee, WB 
2003Biomechanical responses of the intervertebral joints to static and vibrational loading : a finite element studyCheung, JTM; Zhang, M ; Chow, DHK
2003A power spectrum analysis of surface generation in ultraprecision machining of Al/SiC metal matrix compositesCheung, CF ; Chan, KC ; Lee, WB 
2003The effects of pulse plating parameters on copper plating distribution of microvia in PCB manufactureYung, KC ; Yue, TM ; Chan, KC ; Yeung, KF
2003Polymer effects on the vibration damping behavior of cementWong, WG; Fang, P; Pan, JK
2003Characterization of cutting dynamics in ultra-precision diamond turningLee, W ; Cheung, C ; Li, J
2003Dynamic properties impact toughness and abrasiveness of polymer-modified pastes by using nondestructive testsWong, WG; Fang, P; Pan, JK
2004Suppression of structural vibration with a new type of vibration absorberTang, Shun-leung
2004Tuned dynamic absorber using non-linear stiffnessWong, Wai-lun
2004Vibration control of stay cables using semi-active magneto-rheological (MR) dampersDuan, Yuanfeng
2004Model error correction from truncated modal flexibility sensitivity and generic parameters : Part I - SimulationWu, D; Law, SS
2004Anisotropic damage model for an inclined crack in thick plate and sensitivity study for its detectionWu, D; Law, SS
2005Transverse natural vibration of a beam with an internal joint carrying in-plane flexibilitiesLaw, SS; Wu, ZM; Chan, SL 
2006Finite element model updating for gascogine bridge using response sensitivityLu, ZR; Law, SS; Liu, JK
2006Vibration analysis of a piezoelectric composite plate with cracksQu, GM; Li, YY; Cheng, L ; Wang, B
2006Vehicle condition surveillance on continuous bridges based on response sensitivityLaw, SS; Bu, JQ; Zhu, XQ; Chan, SL 
2006Active-passive vibration isolation devices for automation and precision equipment applicationsYung, Chung-sheung
2006Effects of prestress force on vibration of a prestressed beamLu, ZR; Law, SS; Liu, JK
2007Eigen-parameter decomposition of element matrices for structural damage detectionWu, D; Law, SS
2008Identification of prestress force in a prestressed Timoshenko beamLu, ZR; Liu, JK; Law, SS
2008Damage identification of shear connectors with wavelet packet energy : laboratory test studyRen, W; Sun, Z; Xia, Y ; Hao, H; Deeks, A
2008Fiber Bragg grating based accelerometerAu, HY; Khijwania, SK; Tam, HY 
Jan-2008Condition assessment of shear connectors in slab-girder bridges via vibration measurementsXia, Y ; Hao, H; Deeks, AJ; Zhu, X
2009Tilted fiber Bragg grating-based accelerometerGuo, T; Shao, L; Au, H; Tam, HY ; Albert, J
2009Vibration modes of injured spine at resonant frequencies under vertical vibrationGuo, LX; Zhang, M ; Zhang, YM; Teo, EC
2010A new design of rotational hybrid vibration absorber for global structural vibration controlTso, Man-ho
2010Whole body vibration therapy in fracture prevention among adults with chronic diseasePang, MYC 
2011Vibration-based monitoring of civil infrastructure : challenges and successesBrownjohn, JMW; de Stefano , A; Xu, YL ; Wenzel, H; Aktan, AE
2012A videogrammetric technique for measuring the vibration displacement of stay cablesZhou, X; Xia, Y ; Wei, Z; Wu, Q
2012Spectral analysis of cerebral oxygenation responses to seated whole-body vibration in healthy menLi, Z; Zhang, M ; Li, J; Xin, Q; Chen, G; Li, J; Liu, F
2012Free flexural vibration analysis of stiffened plates with general elastic boundary supportsOu, D; Mak, CM 
2012Wavelet analysis of lumbar muscle oxygenation signals during whole-body vibration : implications for the development of localized muscle fatigueLi, Z; Zhang, M ; Chen, G; Luo, S; Liu, F; Li, J
2012Numerical simulation of the fluid-structure interaction for an elastic cylinder subjected to tubular fluid flowLiu, ZG; Liu, Y ; Lu, J
May-2012Dynamic assessment of shear connection conditions in slab-girder bridges by Kullback-Leibler distanceZhu, XQ; Hao, H; Uy, B; Xia, Y ; Mirza, O
2015Biomechanical response of the musculoskeletal system to whole body vibration using a seated driver modelLi, W; Zhang, M ; Lv, G; Han, Q; Gao, Y; Wang, Y; Tan, Q; Zhang, M; Zhang, Y; Li, Z
2015Differential effects of low-magnitude high-frequency vibration on reloading hind-limb soleus and gastrocnemius medialis muscles in 28-day tail-suspended ratsSun, KT; Leung, KS; Siu, PMF ; Qin, L; Cheung, WH
2015Investigation on a new Fe83Ga17 wire-based magnetoelastic resonance biosensorSang, S; Cheng, P; Zhang, W; Li, P; Hu, J; Li, G; Jian, A
2015Tracking galloping profile of transmission lines using wireless inertial measurement unitsXie, K; Zhang, C; Li, Q; Wu, WL; Ni, YQ 
2015A review of machine-tool vibration and its influence upon surface generation in ultra-precision machiningZhang, SJ; To, S ; Zhang, GQ; Zhu, ZW
2015The effect of whole body vibration on balance, gait performance and mobility in people with stroke: A systematic review and meta-analysisYang, X; Wang, P; Liu, C; He, C; Reinhardt, JD
2015Non-baseline identification of delamination in plates using wavelet-aided fractal analysis of two-dimensional mode shapesBai, RB; Radzieński, M; Cao, MS; Ostachowicz, W; Su, Z 
2015Vibration of timoshenko beam on hysteretically damped elastic foundation subjected to moving loadLuo, WL; Xia, Y ; Weng, S
2015A 5-week whole body vibration training improves peak torque performance but has no effect on stretch reflex in healthy adults : a randomized controlled trialYeung, SS ; Yeung, EW 
2015A vibration-based damage identification technique free of structural baseline information : experimental validation in multi-component plane structureXu, H; Su, Z ; Cheng, L ; Cao, MS
2016Surface damage mechanism of WC/Co and RB-SiC/Si composites under high spindle speed grinding (HSSG)Zhang, Q; To, S ; Zhao, Q; Guo, B
2016A coatable, light-weight, fast-response nanocomposite sensor for the in situ acquisition of dynamic elastic disturbance : from structural vibration to ultrasonic wavesZeng, Z; Liu, M; Xu, H; Liu, W; Liao, Y; Jin, H; Zhou, L ; Zhang, Z; Su, Z 
2016Enhanced damping for bridge cables using a self-sensing MR damperChen, ZH; Lam, KH ; Ni, YQ 
2016A closed-form solution to a viscoelastically supported timoshenko beam under harmonic line loadLuo, WL; Xia, Y ; Zhou, XQ