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2004Hybrid control of microvibration for high technology facilitiesGuo, AX; Xu, YL ; Li, H
2006Safety analysis of moving road vehicles on a long bridge under crosswindGuo, WH; Xu, YL 
2007Damage detection in simply supported concrete bridge structure under moving vehicular loadsZhu, XQ; Law, SS
2008An integrated map-match algorithm with position feedback and shape-based mismatch detection and correctionChen, W ; Li, Z ; Yu, M; Chen, Y 
2008Moving load and prestress identification using wavelet-based methodLaw, SS; Wu, SQ; Shi, ZY
2009Automobile hybrid air conditioning technologyYeung, YPB; Cheng, KWE ; Chan, WW; Lam, CY; Choi, WF; Ng, TW
2014The puzzling issue of 'Vehicle-Treated Control' when Using Ethanol as drug carrier for MCF-7 cellsChan, RYK; Lee, KKH; Wong, WY; Tang, JCO ; Lam, KH; Cheng, CH; Lau, FY; Kok, SHL; Gambari, R; Chui, CH