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15-Jul-2010Formation mechanism of peapod-derived double-walled carbon nanotubesDing, F ; Xu, Z; Yakobson, BI; Young, RJ; Kinloch, IA; Cui, S; Deng, L; Puech, P; Monthioux, M
2012Growth of high quality SnS van der Waals epitaxies on graphene buffer layer for photovoltaic applicationsWang, W; Leung, KK; Fong, WK; Wang, SF; Hui, YY; Lau, SP; Surya, C 
1-May-2012Molecular beam epitaxy growth of high quality p-doped SnS van der Waals epitaxy on a graphene buffer layerWang, W; Leung, KK; Fong, WKP; Wang, SF; Hui, YY; Lau, SP ; Chen, Z; Shi, LJ; Cao, CB; Surya, C