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1999Construction Industry Development: exploring values and other factors from a grounded theory approachFox, PW 
2000Antecedents of green purchases : a survey in ChinaChan, RYK ; Lau, LBY
2005Towards a theoretical framework for an indigenous value base for social work practice : a conceptual explorationCheng, Yuk-tin Carl
2007Decomposing filial piety into filial attitudes and filial enactmentsChen, SX ; Bond, MH; Tang, D
2009To punish or to rehabilitate : sentencing goals as mediators between values, axioms and punitiveness towards offendersLau, GDM; Tyson, GA; Bond, MH
Dec-2009The use of interdisciplinary seminars for the development of caring dispositions in nursing and social work studentsChan, EA ; Mok, E; Ho, PYA ; Hui, JMC 
2010Examining stereotype content model in a Chinese context : Inter-group structural relations and mainland Chinese's stereotypes towards Hong Kong ChineseGuan, Y; Deng, H; Bond, MH
2010Effects of motive-goal congruence on well-being in the power domain : considering goals and values in a German and two Chinese samplesHofer, J; Busch, H; Bond, MH; Li, M; Law, R
2011Developing and evaluating the social axioms durvey in eleven countries : its relationship with the five-factor model of personalityLeung, K; Lam, BCP; Bond, MH ; Conway, LG; Gornick, LJ; Amponsah, B; Boehnke, K; Dragolov, G; Burgess, SM; Golestaneh, M; Busch, H; Hofer, J; Dominguez Espinosa, A, DC; Fardis, M; Ismail, R; Kurman, J; Levedeva, N; Tatarko, AN; Sam, DL; Mendes Teixeira, ML; Yamaguchi, S; Fukuzawa, A; Zhang, J; Zhou, F
Dec-2011Assessing celebrity endorsement effects in China : a consumer-celebrity relational approachHung, K; Chan, KW ; Tse, CH
2012The effects of personal values on travel motivation and behavioral intentionLi, M ; Cai, LA
Dec-2012Value(s) and management : there's value everywhere!De Hemmer, O
2014The International Charter for Human Values in Healthcare : an interprofessional global collaboration to enhance values and communication in healthcareRider, EA; Kurtz, S; Slade, D ; Longmaid, HE; Ho, MJ; Pun, JKH; Eggins, S; Branch, WT