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2000GIS中一般曲线的不确定性模型Shi, W ; Tong, X; Liu, D
2000A simulation approach to analyse error in buffer spaital analysisCheung, CK; Shi, WZ 
2003Machining process sequencing with fuzzy expert system and genetic algorithmsWong, TN; Chan, LCF; Lau, HCW
2003Robust filtering by fictitious noisesZhang, H; Zhang, DD ; Wang, W; Xie, L
2004Double vagueness : uncertainty in multi-scale fuzzy assignment of dunenessCheng, T; Fisher, P; Li, ZL 
2005Entropy and its state of arts on research of spatial data uncertaintyShi, Y; Shi, W ; Jin, F
2005SARS : caring for patients in Hong KongChung, BPM ; Wong, TKS; Suen, ESB ; Chung, JWY
2005Relationship of uncertainty between polygon segment and line segment for spatial data in GISLiu, C; Shi, W ; Liu, D
2005Relationship of uncertainty between polygon segment and line segment for spatial data in GISLiu, C; Tong, X
2006多粒度的GIS數據不確定性粗集表達Deng, M; Li, ZL ; Cheng, T
2006Voltage assignment and loop scheduling for energy minimization while satisfying timing constraint with guaranteed probabilityQiu, M; Xue, C; Zhuge, Q; Shao, Z ; Liu, M; Sha, E
2006Hybrid entropy model of spatial data uncertainty in GISShi, YF; Shi, WZ ; Jin, FX
2006Data uncertainties in geographic information systemWu, L; Cheng, JC; Shi, WZ 
2007Microindentation as a local damage measurement techniqueGuelorget, B; Francois, M; Lu, J
2007空间目标不确定性的表达方法及其在GIS中的应用分析Cheng, T; Deng, M; Li, ZL 
20072維線元不確定性ε[sub σ]模型誤差帶幾何特征的代數研究Zhu, CQ; Zhang, GQ; Shi, W 
2008Modeling uncertainty in geographic information and analysisShi, W 
2008Fuzzy clustering validity for spatial dataHu, C; Meng, L; Shi, W 
2009Probabilistic load flow evaluation with hybrid latin hypercube sampling and cholesky decompositionYu, H; Chung, CY; Wong, KP; Lee, HW ; Zhang, JH
2009Two-machine flow-shop minimum-length scheduling with interval processing timesNg, CT ; Matsveichuk, NM; Sotskov, YN; Cheng, TCE 
2009Adaptive and learning control for SI engine model with uncertaintiesTang, H; Weng, L; Dong, ZY; Yan, R
2009Investment under uncertainty : a real option model with jump processesYang, HS; Chen, SL
2010A population-based incremental learning method for robust optimal solutionsHo, SL ; Yang, S
2010Updating the reliability of a concrete bridge structure based on condition assessment with uncertaintiesLaw, SS; Li, J
2010Towards a reliable framework of uncertainty-Based group decision support systemChai, J; Liu, J
2011Robust transmission network expansion planning method with Taguchi's orthogonal array testingYu, H; Chung, CY; Wong, KP
2011Mining static code metrics for a robust prediction of software defect-pronenessLi, L; Leung, H 
2012Evaluating the response statistics of an uncertain bridge-vehicle systemWu, SQ; Law, SS
2012Reliable spatial analysisShi, W ; Chen, J; Zhan, Q; Shu, H
2012Statistical moving load identification including uncertaintyWu, SQ; Law, SS
2012Real estate developers' concerns about uncertainty in building energy efficiency (BEE) investment - A transaction costs (TCs) perspectiveQian, QK; Chan, EHW ; Choy, LHT 
2012Estimation of static force coefficients of bridge deck from acceleration responsesLaw, SS; Zhang, K; Duan, ZD
2012A study on the antecedents of supplier commitment in support of logistics operationsWong, CWY ; Lai, KH ; Lun, YHV ; Cheng, TCE 
2013Assessment of uncertainty in the quality of knowledge in the research publication review processSabetzadeh, F; Tsui, E ; Lee, WB 
May-2013Sensor placement for structural damage detection considering measurement uncertaintiesZhou, XQ; Xia, Y ; Hao, H
Sep-2013Comparisons between Modal-Parameter-Based and Flexibility-Based Damage Identification MethodsWang, XJ; Zhou, XQ; Xia, Y ; Weng, S
2014Modeling and analysis of uncertainty in the form characterization of ultra-precision freeform surfaces on coordinate measuring machinesCheung, C ; Ren, M; Kong, L; Whitehouse, D
2014Strategic procurement from forward contract and spot marketLee, CKM ; Lin, D; Pasari, R
2014A robust metaheuristic combining clonal colony optimization and population-based incremental learning methodsHo, SL ; Yang, S; Bai, Y; Huang, J
2014Market demand estimation for new product development by using fuzzy modeling and discrete choice analysisAydin, R; Kwong, CK ; Ji, P ; Law, HMC
2015A reduced polynomial chaos expansion model for stochastic analysis of a moving load on beam system with non-Gaussian parametersWu, SQ; Law, SS
2015A virtual caravan - A metaphor for home-internationalization through social media : a qualitative content analysisChan, EA ; Nyback, MH
2015A direct coupled solution methodology for efficient robust optimizations of inverse problems under uncertaintyHo, SL ; Yang, S; Bai, Y; Huang, J
2015A stochastic multimodal reliable network design problem under adverse weather conditionsUchida, K; Sumalee, A; Ho, HW
2015Uncertainties of EV Charging and Effects on Well-Being Analysis of Generating SystemsXu, NZ; Chung, CY 
2015Envelope probability and EFAST-based sensitivity analysis method for electronic prognostic uncertainty quantificationSun, B; Pan, W; Wang, Z; Yung, KC 
2015MPC-based optimal scheduling of grid-connected low energy buildings with thermal energy storagesZhao, Y; Lu, Y; Yan, C; Wang, S 
2015A robust demand response control of commercial buildings for smart grid under load prediction uncertaintyGao, DC; Sun, Y; Lu, Y
2015Challenges in delivering green building projects: Unearthing the transaction costs (TCs)Qian, QK; Chan, EHW ; Khalid, AG
2016Operational modal analysis of Canton Tower by a fast frequency domain Bayesian methodZhang, FL; Ni, YQ ; Ni, YC; Wang, YW
2016Mode identifiability of a cable-stayed bridge based on a Bayesian methodZhang, FL; Ni, YQ ; Ni, YC
2016Robust optimal design of district cooling systems and the impacts of uncertainty and reliabilityGang, W; Wang, S ; Augenbroe, G; Xiao, F 
2016A general method for calculating the uncertainty of virtual sensors for packaged air conditionersCheung, H; Braun, JE
2016Robust optimal design of chilled water systems in buildings with quantified uncertainty and reliability for minimized life-cycle costCheng, Q; Wang, S ; Yan, C
2016Minimizing data collection for field calibration of steady-state virtual sensors for HVAC equipment [Minimiser la collecte de données pour la calibration du champ de capteurs virtuels à régime permanent pour les équipements HVAC]Cheung, H; Braun, JE
2016Sensitivity analysis of a transient-based frequency domain method for extended blockage detection in water pipeline systemsDuan, HF 
2016Uncertainty modelling and quality control for spatial dataShi, WZ ; Wu, BO ; Stein, A