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2001A theoretical and experimental investigation of surface generation in diamond turning of an Al6061/SiCp metal matrix compositeChan, KC ; Cheung, CF ; Ramesh, MV; Lee, WB ; To, S 
2002Ultra-precision machining induced surface structural changes of Zn-Al alloyTo, S ; Lee, WB ; Zhu, YH
2003A mesoplasticitiy analysis of cutting friction in ultra-precision machiningLee, WB ; Cheung, CF ; To, S 
2003Surface characterization in ultra-precision machining of Al/SiC metal matrix composites using data dependent systems analysisCheung, CF ; Chan, KC ; Lee, WB 
2005Ultra-precision machining induced micro-plastic deformation in Zn-Al based alloyTo, S ; Zhu, YH; Lee, WB 
2006Measuring ultra-precision freeform surfaces using a robust form characterization methodCheung, CF ; Li, H; Kong, L; Lee, WB ; To, S 
2006A novel robust Gaussian filtering method for the characterization of surface generation in ultra-precision machiningLi, H; Cheung, CF ; Jiang, XQ; Lee, WB ; To, S 
2006Surface characterization in diamond turning of highly anisotropy brittle crystals: A multi-spectrum analysis approachCheung, CF ; Lee, WB ; To, S 
2006Theoretical and experimental evaluation of surface quality for optical freeform surfacesKong, LB; Cheung, CF ; Gao, D; Lee, WB ; To, S 
2006Design and fabrication of freeform reflector for automotive headlampJiang, J; Cheung, CFB ; To, S ; Cheng, KWE ; Wang, H; Lee, WB 
2006Study of ultra-precision diamond turning of a microlens array with a fast tool servo systemTo, S ; Kwok, TC; Cheung, CF ; Lee, WB 
2006Ultra-precision machining induced phase decomposition at surface of Zn-Al based alloyTo, S ; Zhu, YH; Lee, WB 
2006An investigation of form compensation in fabricating microlens arrays by ultra-precision fast-tool-servo technologyKwok, TC; To, S ; Cheung, CF ; Wang, SJ; Lee, WB 
2006Tool path generation for machining of optical freeform surfaces by an ultra-precision multiaxis machine toolGao, D; To, S ; Lee, WB 
2007An integrated form characterization method for measuring ultra-precision freeform surfacesCheung, CF ; Li, HF; Lee, WB ; To, S ; Kong, LB
2007A study of measurement technology for ultra-precision freeform surfacesLi, HF; Cheung, CF ; Kong, LB; Lee, WB ; To, S 
2008Microstructural changes at the ultra-precision machined surface of Zn-Al based alloyTo, S ; Zhu, YH; Lee, WB 
2008A framework of a surface generation model in the fast tool servo (FTS) machining of optical microstructuresKwok, TC; Cheung, CF ; To, S ; Lee, WB 
2008A kinematics and experimental analysis of form error compensation in ultra-precision machiningKong, LB; Cheung, CF ; To, S ; Lee, WB ; Du, JJ; Zhang, ZJ
2008Theoretical and experimental analysis of nano-surface generation in ultra-precision raster millingCheng, MN; Cheung, CF ; Lee, WB ; To, S ; Kong, LB
2008Effects of cutting depth on the surface microstructure of a Zn-Al alloy during ultra-precision machiningTo, S ; Zhu, YH; Lee, WB 
2010Ultra-precision machining technology of freeform optics and its applicationsLee, WB ; Cheung, CF ; To, S ; Kong, LB; Jiang, JB
2010Characterization of surface defects in fast tool servo machining of microlens array using a pattern recognition and analysis methodCheung, CF ; Hu, K; Jiang, XQ; Kong, LB
2010Integrated manufacturing technology for design, machining and measurement of freeform opticsLee, W ; Cheung, C ; To, S ; Kong, L; Jiang, J
2010A study of wear characteristics of superpolished orthopaedic implant materials using ultra-precision polishingCheung, CF ; Lee, WB ; Charlton, P; To, S 
2010Analysis of surface generation in ultra-precision machining with a fast tool servoKwok, TC; Cheung, CF ; Kong, LB; To, S ; Lee, WB 
2010Characterization of surface generation of optical microstructures using a pattern and feature parametric analysis methodKong, LB; Cheung, CF ; Jiang, XQ; Lee, WB ; To, S ; Blunt, L; Scott, P
2011Modelling and simulation of structure surface generation using computer controlled ultra-precision polishingCheung, CF ; Kong, LB; Ho, LT; To, S 
2011A robust surface fitting and reconstruction algorithm for form characterization of ultra-precision freeform surfacesRen, MJ; Cheung, CF ; Kong, LB
2011Design, ultra-precision polishing and measurement of superfinished orthopaedic implants for bio-medical applications : an integrated approachCheung, CF 
2011Design, fabrication and measurement of ultra-precision micro-structured freeform surfacesKong, LB; Cheung, CF 
2012Micro-structural changes of Zn-Al alloy influencing micro-topographical surface in micro-cuttingZhang, SJ; To, S ; Cheung, CF ; Zhu, YH
2012Electropulsing-induced phase transformations and their effects on the single point diamond turning of a tempered alloy AZ91Zhang, D; To, S ; Zhu, YH; Wang, H; Tang, GY
2012Modeling and characterization of surface generation in fast tool servo machining of microlens arraysKong, LB; Cheung, CF 
2013An overview of ultra-precision diamond machining of microstructured freeform surfacesLee, W ; Kong, L; Cheung, C ; To, S ; Chen, X; Liu, Q
2013Finite element modelling of shear angle and cutting force variation induced by material anisotropy in ultra-precision diamond turningLee, WB ; Wang, H; Chan, CY; To, S 
2013A study of effect of cutting strategy on surface generation in ultra-precision machining of micro-structured pattern rollersKong, LB; Mak, CH; Cheung, CF ; Lee, WB ; To, S ; Ho, WK
2013Modeling and characterization of generation of 3D micro-structured surfaces with self-cleaning and optical functionsKong, LB; Cheung, CF ; To, S ; Cheng, CT
2013Enhancement of surface finish using water-miscible nano-cutting fluid in ultra-precision turningChan, CY; Lee, WB ; Wang, H
2013Investigation on the influence of tool-tip vibration on surface roughness and its representative measurement in ultra-precision diamond turningWang, H; To, S ; Chan, CY
2014Theoretical and experimental analysis of the effect of error motions on surface generation in fast tool servo machiningKong, LB; Cheung, CF ; Kwok, TC
2014Mesoplasticity approach to studies of the cutting mechanism in ultra-precision machiningLee, WB ; Wang, H; To, S ; Cheung, CF ; Chan, CY
2014A theoretical and experimental investigation of design and slow tool servo machining of freeform progressive addition lenses (PALs) for optometric applicationsKong, L; Cheung, C ; To, S ; Wang, B; Ho, L
2014A study of materials removal mechanisms for fluid jet polishing using computational fluid dynamics modellingCao, ZC; Cheung, CF
2014Theoretical modelling and analysis of the material removal characteristics in fluid jet polishingCao, ZC; Cheung, CF 
2015Cutting characteristics of Zr-based bulk metallic glassHan, DX; Wang, G; Li, J; Chan, KC ; To, S ; Wu, FF; Gao, YL; Zhai, QJ
2015Monitoring life of diamond tool in ultra-precision machiningChan, CY ; Li, LH; Lee, WB ; Wong, HC
2015A review of surface roughness generation in ultra-precision machiningZhang, SJ; To, S ; Wang, SJ; Zhu, ZW
2015The novel method for tool life monitoringWong, HC; Chan, CY ; Li, LH; Lee, WB 
2015Preliminary experimental study on ultrasonic assisted diamond turning Ti6Al4V alloyYip, WS; To, S ; Deng, Y
2015Novel selection system of ultra-precision machining tool for optical lensChan, CY ; Li, LH; Lee, WB 
2015The mechanism of ductile deformation in ductile regime machining of 6H SiCXiao, GB; To, S ; Zhang, GQ
2015A review of machine-tool vibration and its influence upon surface generation in ultra-precision machiningZhang, SJ; To, S ; Zhang, GQ; Zhu, ZW
2015Molecular dynamics modelling of brittle-ductile cutting mode transition : case study on silicon carbideXiao, GB; To, S ; Zhang, GQ
2015A study of fiducial aided calibration and positioning for precision manufacture of freeform surfacesCheung, CF ; Ren, MJ; Kong, LB
2015A framework of a continuous injection direct rolling process for precision manufacturing plastic plates with patterned microstructuresKong, L; Li, J; Cheung, CF ; Lou, Y; Wang, C; Peng, H; Mak, CH; Li, D
2015A study of cutting strategy in single-point diamond turning of micro V-groove patterns on precision roller drumsMak, CH; Cheung, CF ; Ren, MJ; Kong, LB; To, S 
2016A review of fly cutting applied to surface generation in ultra-precision machiningZhang, SJ; To, S ; Zhu, ZW; Zhang, GQ
2016Multi-scale modeling and simulation of material removal characteristics in computer-controlled bonnet polishingCao, ZC; Cheung, CF