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2002The direct and indirect photolysis of 4,4′-dichlorobiphenyl in various surfactant/solvent-aided systemsChu, W ; Kwan, CY
2003Reactor design and kinetics study of 4,4′-dichlorobiphenyl photodecay in surfactant solution by using a photosensitizer and hydrogen sourceChu, W ; Kwan, CY
2004The system design of UV-assisted catalytic oxidation process - Degradation of 2,4-DChu, W ; Chan, KH; Kwan, CY; Lee, CK
2004A study of the reaction mechanisms of the degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid by oxalate-mediated photooxidationKwan, CY; Chu, W 
2005Atrazine removal by catalytic oxidation processes with or without UV irradiation: Part I - Quantification and rate enhancement via kinetic studyChan, KH; Chu, W 
2005Atrazine removal by catalytic oxidation processes with or without UV irradiation : Part II : An analysis of the reaction mechanisms using LC/ESI-tandem mass spectrometryChan, KH; Chu, W 
2005The degradation of endocrine disruptor di-n-butyl phthalate by UV irradiation : a photolysis and product studyLau, TK; Chu, W ; Graham, N
16-Mar-2006Photocatalytic degradation of methylparathion - An endocrine disruptor by Bi??-doped TiO?Rengaraj, S; Li, XZ; Tanner, PA; Fan, ZF; Pang, GKH
2009Reactor model development : the removal performance of ferrous-catalysed photo-oxidation process by examining the reaction parametersChan, KH; Chu, W 
2014Atrazine degradation using chemical-free process of USUV : analysis of the micro-heterogeneous environments and the degradation mechanismsXu, LJ; Chu, W ; Graham, N
2014Degradation of di-n-butyl phthalate by a homogeneous sono-photo-Fenton process with in situ generated hydrogen peroxideXu, LJ; Chu, W ; Graham, N