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2003Three-dimensional large eddy simulation of free surface turbulent flow in open channel within submerged vegetation domainSu, XH; Li, CW ; Chen, BH
2003Large eddy simulation of particle-laden turbulent flow over a backward-facing stepYu, KF; Lau, KS; Chan, CK 
2003Comparison between triangular cylinder and screen far wakesZhou, Y; Li, H
2004Numerical simulation of gas-particle flow in a single-side backward-facing step flowYu, KF; Lau, KS; Chan, CK 
2004Large eddy simulation of turbulent convective cavity flowChow, WK ; Gao, PZ
9-Mar-2006Wavelet multiresolution analysis of the three vorticity components in a turbulent far wakeZhou, T; Rinoshika, A; Hao, Z; Zhou, Y; Chua, LP
2007Estimation of breakout sound power level due to turbulence caused by an in-duct elementHan, N; Mak, CM 
25-Oct-2007Turbulent wake of an inclined cylinder with water runningAlam, MM; Zhou, Y
2008Large eddy simulation of flow around wavy cylinders at a subcritical Reynolds numberLam, K; Lin, YF
2009Particle deposition in a CT-scanned human lung airwayLuo, HY; Liu, Y 
2009Experimental study and large eddy simulation for the turbulent flow around four cylinders in an in-line square configurationLam, K; Zou, L
2010Experimental study and large eddy simulation of turbulent flow around tube bundles composed of wavy and circular cylindersLam, K; Lin, YF; Zou, L; Liu, Y 
2010Investigation of turbulent flow past a yawed wavy cylinderLam, K; Lin, YF; Zou, L; Liu, Y 
2010Flow division at a channel crossing with subcritical or supercritical flowLi, CW ; Zeng, C
2011Turbulent flow structure and swirl number effect in a cycloneWang, XW; Zhou, Y; Wong, WO 
19-Mar-2014Further developments in rapidly decelerating turbulent pipe flow modelingMeniconi, S; Duan, HF; Brunone, B; Ghidaoui, MS; Lee, PJ; Ferrante, M