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Nov-2000Longitudinal and spanwise vortical structures in a turbulent near wakeZhang, HJ; Zhou, Y; Antonia, RA
2001Organized structures and their interactions in the turbulent wake of circular cylindersZhang, Hongjun
Jan-20013D numerical model for Pearl River estuaryChau, KW ; Jiang, YW
1-Aug-2001Thermal satellite images and boundary layer structures in desert marginal areasNichol, JE ; Grove, AT
Dec-2001Effect of unequal cylinder spacing on vortex streets behind three side-by-side cylindersZhang, HJ; Zhou, Y
2002Wavelet analysis of memory effects on turbulence structures in a far wakeLi, H; Zhou, Y; Takei, M; Saito, Y; Horii, K
2003An explicit algebraic model for turbulent buoyant flowsSo, RMC; Jin, LH; Gaski, TB
2003Wavelet analysis of reynolds number effect on 3-D vorticity in a turbulent near wakeYiu, MW; Li, H; Zhou, Y
2003Comparison between triangular cylinder and screen near-wakes in the orthogonal wavelet representationLi, H; Zhou, Y
2003Review on wind-induced air movement around a cubeGao, Y; Chow, WK 
2004Renormalization group theory and its application to thermally-induced turbulenceCao, YG; Chow, WK 
2005Numerical simulation of an open premixed turbulent V-flame using contour advection with surgery : determination of flame surface density and overall burning rateTang, Hiu-yeuk Blossom
2006Wind characteristics of Typhoon Dujuan as measured at a 50 m guyed mastLaw, SS; Bu, JQ; Zhu, XQ; Chan, SL 
2006Three-dimensional modelling of vertical jets in random wavesChen, Yongping
29-Nov-2006Comparisons between different approximations to energy dissipation rate in a self-preserving far wakeZhou, T; Hao, Z; Chua, LP; Zhou, Y
2007Orthogonal wavelet-decomposed 3-D vorticity of a turbulent cylinder wakeRinoshika, A; Zhou, T; Zhou, Y
2007A turbulent cylinder wake with cylinder corners modified or a neighbouring cylinder presentHu, Juchuan
2009Investigation on the feasibility and enhancement methods of wind power utilization in high-rise buildings of Hong KongLu, L ; Ip, KY
2009A turbulence-based prediction technique for flow-generated noise produced by in-duct elements in a ventilation systemMak, CM ; Au, WM
Apr-2009Reynolds number effects on wavelet components of self-preserving turbulent structuresRinoshika, A; Zhou, Y
2012Performance evaluation of Canton Tower under winds based on full-scale dataGuo, YL; Kareem, A; Ni, YQ ; Liao, WY
2012Numerical simulation of the fluid-structure interaction for an elastic cylinder subjected to tubular fluid flowLiu, ZG; Liu, Y ; Lu, J