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29-Apr-2002Dislocation jumping over the sound barrier in tungstenLi, Q; Shi, SQ 
2007Driven mobility of self-interstitial defects under electron irradiationDudarev, SL; Derlet, PM; Woo, CH
2009Mechanical properties of single crystal tungsten microwhiskers characterized by nanoindentationHuang, H; Wu, YQ; Wang, SL; He, YH; Zou, J; Huang, BY; Liu, CT
2011Aerosol-assisted flow synthesis of WxTi1-xO 2 solid solution spheres with enhanced photocatalytic activityAi, Z; Song, X; Huang, Y; Zhang, L; Lee, S 
2013Electroless deposition of biocompatible Ag/W on quartz for the purpose of variotherm micro moldingYung, KL ; Xu, Y; Kang, CL; Jiang, BQ