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2000Characteristics of vertical ozone distribution and ozone transport in the troposphere over Hong KongChan, Chuen-yu
Jul-2001Effects of 1997 Indonesian forest fires on tropospheric ozone enhancement, radiative forcing, and temperature change over the Hong Kong regionChan, CY; Chan, LY; Zheng, YG; Harris, JM; Oltmans, SJ; Christopher, S
2006Research on the modeling of tropospheric delay in virtual reference stationXiong, YL; Huang, DF; Ding, XL ; Yin, HT
2006虚拟参考站技术中对流层误差建模方法研究Xiong, YL; Huang, DF; Ding, XL ; Yin, HT
Feb-2006Influence of stratosphere-to-troposphere exchange on the seasonal cycle of surface ozone at Mount Waliguan in western ChinaDing, A; Wang, T 
Nov-2006Strong ozone production in urban plumes from Beijing, ChinaWang, T ; Ding, A; Gao, J; Wu, WS
4-Jan-2008Tropospheric ozone climatology over Beijing : analysis of aircraft data from the MOZAIC programDing, AJ; Wang, T ; Thouret, V; Cammas, J; Nédélec, P
19-May-2008Long-term trend of surface ozone at a regional background station in eastern China 1991–2006 : enhanced variabilityXu, X; Lin, W; Wang, T ; Yan, P; Tang, J; Meng, Z; Wang, Y
31-Aug-2009Increasing surface ozone concentrations in the background atmosphere of southern China, 1994-2007Wang, T ; Wei, XL; Ding, AJ; Poon, SCN; Lam, KS ; Li, YS ; Chan, LY; Anson, M
2014First preliminary fast static ambiguity resolution results of medium-baseline with triple-frequency Beidou wavebandsJi, SY; Wang, XL; Xu, Y; Wang, ZJ; Chen, W ; Liu, H